Fox Hunting, Stop It


I was sent this by a source who would prefer to remain anonymous, but I believe it's something that needs to be said. Especially regarding Theresa May's barbaric decision to lift the ban on fox hunting.

I thought I would write a shortish blog for folk who may be unaware of the barbaric outdated practice that the privileged and their lesser important subordinates still practice in the modern day. 
The heinous practice I am talking about is foxhunting. The definition of foxhunting “the sport of hunting a fox across country with a pack of hounds by a group of people on foot and horseback”” I am at a loss to understand how the chasing of a defenseless animal by a pack of hounds until it is utterly exhausted followed by the same hounds ripping it to pieces can be regarded as sport.
The anti-deluvian idiots who partake of this particular vile activity really believe (due to their deluded mentality) that foxes are vermin and take great enjoyment killing them in the most horrific way (usually disemboweled by the hounds).
84% of the population supports the ban on fox hunting, however of the 16% who would like to see it repealed most are in government and in a position to sway the vote in their favor.
The nonsense argument that foxes are responsible for killing poultry and that’s why they have to be hunted does not hold water.
It is easy to secure coops by digging deeper to bury the wire and remains the responsibility of the keepers of poultry to do this.  Farmers know that foxes are the natural predator of rats, mice and rabbits and help them in their endeavors to keep their numbers low.
Social media is helping highlight the damage hunts do to farmers land and they have in recent times been known to enter private property attacking people and their pets.
There are a number of hunt saboteurs that do their best to monitor hunts and keep the foxes safe.
They are out and about on hunt days, they unblock any setts that have been blocked by the hunts terrier men allowing the foxes to run to ground, they lay scent over the foxes to confuse the hounds and fearlessly meet the hunters head on. These encounters often end in the sabs being verbally and physically attacked. Yet week after week through the hunting season they hold fast and try their best to protect our foxes.
Foxhounds are also mistreated. There are many instances reported on social media of emaciated dogs. I suspect these are malnourished to make them keener to chase and tear the fox from limb to limb.
The whip whose purpose is to control the foxhounds is usually ineffective. The hounds are often left lagging behind; recent reports on social media mentioned a number of them had strayed onto the road and lost their lives and have on numerous occasions created driving hazards.
RSPCA cite the below facts regarding hunting;
Fiction: Hunting is essential to control the fox population
Fact: There’s little scientific evidence to support the argument that hunting with hounds is necessary for controlling the fox population..

The Westminster Government’s inquiry into Hunting with Dogs, concluded:
The overall contribution of traditional fox hunting, within the overall total of control techniques involving dogs is almost insignificant in terms of management of the fox population as a whole.
In fact, some hunts have even encouraged foxes to live and breed in their area by building artificial earths and putting food down to make sure there are enough foxes to be hunted for so-called ‘sport’.
Fiction: Foxes are dangerous to people and pets!
Fact: This is simply scaremongering.
Confirmed attacks on people are extremely rare and as TV presenter and wildlife expert Chris Packham pointed out, you’re in fact approximately 62 times more likely to be bitten by a human than you are a fox.

There’s also no evidence that the parasites and diseases foxes may be carrying pose any significant risk to people or domestic pets and there are very few attacks by foxes on domestic pets as foxes are natural scavengers.

Fiction: Hunting is humane, foxhounds are trained to kill with a nip to the back of the neck
Fact: You don’t need to be a scientist to know that chasing an animal, often to the point of exhaustion and allowing a pack of dogs to rip it apart, in the name of ‘sport’, is inhumane.

A study of post-mortem examinations of foxes killed by hounds above ground undermined this claim, indicating that the animals died from profound trauma inflicted by multiple dog bites rather than a ‘quick bite to the neck’.

The study showed that in many cases foxes are disemboweled first. The Burns report also concluded that hunting with dogs causes animal suffering both during the latter stages of the chase and at the kill.
Fiction: The Hunting Act has done nothing for animal welfare
Fact: The RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports, CPS and police have successfully prosecuted 344 people for offences under the Hunting Act since it came into force. The number of successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act compares favourably with other wildlife legislation aimed at protecting animals. However there are many more cases that go unpunished.
Those who seek a repeal of the Hunting Act are quite clearly not on a mission to improve animal welfare.
Fiction: Hunts target old, weak and sick animals to maintain the health of the population
Fact: This is nonsense. Hounds will pick up the scent of any fox they happen upon during the hunting season regardless of their health.

This claim also conveniently ignores the barbaric act of cub hunting, when fox cubs were specifically targeted for pre-season hunting, each year, to train the new hounds to kill.
Fiction: Nobody has the right to ban a sport, this is an issue of civil liberties
Fact: There's no human right to be cruel to an animal in the name of ‘sport’ or otherwise. Such challenges to the law have been thrown out by the European Court of Human Rights and the House of Lords.
The Hunting Act does nothing to stop people from participating in the ceremony of the hunt and riding across the country on horseback with their hounds, nor from participating in cruelty free alternatives such as drag hunting. It only stops the violent spectacle of an animal being torn limb from limb.
If you feel as I do about foxhunting there are a few ways you can support the ban, write to your local MP and ask that they vote to keep the ban.
Join your local sabs, or you can donate to help them buy cameras to gather evidence of illegal activities and help pay towards petrol costs.
Social media have lots of groups you can join and they have various ways they help support the ban.

But please do try and do something no matter how small the foxes are relying on us.

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