A Letter To My 2013 Self



Just stop.

Crying out for attention on social media.

Being sly and vindictive just because you can.

Thinking you have a superiority complex just because you have a few friends and good hair.


It will get you nowhere and as soon as you leave school you'll soon come to realise that nothing matters at all. These aren't your best years and the certainly aren't the making of you. It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter.

And stop going into charity shops buying the ugliest pieces of clothing just so you look individual. Yes, you do still look different but you don't need to push yourself to look a certain way just so you can feel a certain way. You ARE different and you don't need to prove yourself to anyone.

You aren't an adult (still aren't in 2017) and the decisions you make, even if they do seem fun and dangerous at times, are stupid. You're about to have a very weird Summer, and you'll come out of it with an entirely different set of friends and also new hair (better hair).

Stop holding grudges over petty arguments. You know they were petty and you also know you shouldn't have gotten into them. You aren't untouchable and don't think people won't stop talking to you, because they will and they do.

You're also going to start feeling nervous a lot more too now. That isn't your fault, don't blame yourself and it will pass eventually. Don't beat yourself up about crying randomly in front of loads of people - they don't matter. It's the people you're sat with that will be the ones that help you through it, and they do. Be more thankful for them.

Social media isn't shit. You're going to figure that out very abruptly quite soon. The people on their aren't your friends even if you think they are - they're nobodies. People just as insecure as you are hiding behind a screen just like you are. They don't matter. AND please stop STOP chasing boys on there because you're going to end up hurt.

Also follow back @jameshuttdixon, it will be worth it.

You're convinced Izzy is a bad influence on you but just wait and see. You're both as bad as each other. Especially in 2015. Look forward to that.

2013 Tom, relax. Calm down and stop stressing. You're about to meet a lot of people and experience a lot of things - it's going to be fun!

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