Aaaaaaaand I'm back. I knew I would be, I was sure of it. I just needed to stop for a bit. The blog was becoming more of a chore than a hobby and I said from the beginning that as soon as it stopped being fun then I would stop. But I've actually missed having my own little project and therefore I have decided to relaunch this blog.

You might notice I've slightly changed the look of the blog too. Not sure if I quite like it yet or if it just looks a bit weird but we're sticking with it for now and we shall see how it grows on me.

So! The new year eh. This is quite a bittersweet time of the year for me usually - you've said goodbye to everything that happened last year and you have this whole new chapter ahead of you which you know nothing about. Quite scary. Quite exciting. But this year it was a tad different because I didn't bid last year a respectful farewell, instead I kicked it out of the door and said good riddance. 2016 was just a mess from start to finish for a lot of us I'm sure and I'm actually really looking forward to this year.

Moving back to uni after Christmas break I started to evaluate everything. Why was I so miserable all the time towards the end of last year? I turned into such a downer that I actually started to believe myself when I said that there was no point in even trying to keep my spirits up because it would all be ruined eventually. For some reason though, I really don't know why, I haven't even thought about feeling down since the new year.

That sounds like utter shit, doesn't it? Just because the date has changed doesn't mean my outlook on life has shifted into such a positive direction. But it has, I can't explain it. Of course the fact I had a few weeks to relax and not stress about anything back home plays a massive part in this new mindset I seem to have adopted, but other than that I'm dumbfounded.

All I know is that I'm happy in the moment and things that would've probably made me feel like shit a few months ago don't have any lasting effect on me anymore. So let's hope that this keeps up. Fingers crossed that 2017 will be even slightly better than 2016. And let's be honest, Steps are back together and I'm going to Disney World in June - so it's already on track to be magnificent.

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