This blog has been a really good outlet over the past few years. It's also been quite successful, I never expect to get as many views and interactions as I do now when I first started it. I've had fun writing for it, from starting off with rambly posts about shit that only I care about, to trying out book blogging (I wish I still could do this, but those were the days when I had money to waste on books) and eventually coming full circle back to writing stuff no one really cares about.

The past few months have been mega busy for me, and I haven't been able to find the time to jump on here and write a few words here and there. And when I do find the time, I can't think of anything to write like I used to be able to. Partly, I think that's because I exhausted myself writing over Summer with my book - and partly due to laziness on my behalf. But I also think it's mainly due to the fact that I've grown out of this blog. I can't seem to get inspiration to write for it anymore, I don't really enjoy it much and to be honest - I'm pretty bored.

That isn't to say I'm not proud of myself though, because after 91 posts, 3 years and over 25.000 views - I've actually stuck to something for once. And it's been so fun too. It's also entirely possible that I might come back one day when I have time to actually stick to something rather than writing once every month or so.

But for now, I'm putting the blog to rest. It can go on to the bookshelf for now.

Bye Bye!

(PS: if you really want to see what I've been doing head on over to!

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