I Need New Shoes


Like, I really really need new shoes. Rest assured that I'll be purchasing a new pair of black vans as soon as next pay day rolls around, but I got to thinking earlier on - why didn't I get some sooner?

Flashback to November, I was at a house party and in walked a girl who was wearing a pair of black vans - exactly the same as mine, only hers had holes all over and look so very beyond their use by date. I had never seen or met this girl before, I didn't speak to her during the night and never will I see her again - so obviously that gave me every right to take the piss out of her battered shoes. Of course it didn't, but that didn't stop me!

Flashfoward eight months and here I am, same black vans I was wearing that night on my feet - only they've had a lot more experience in them since then and they now have similar holes and scuffs on them as the girls did back in November. There's some sort of lesson in that about how you shouldn't judge others blah blah blah karma blah blah - but that's not what I'm here for because shoes are shoes and if it gets to the point where your toes are poking out of the end of your pump then you must sort it out. I'm sorry, but you should. And I'm not exception.

So why didn't I get new shoes any sooner? I ripped into this girl (unbeknownst to her) about her shoes, so why? Well, because I have crippling, pathetic attachment issues. When I was around 7, I think, I had a coat. It was cream with navy blue puffa sleeves and I loved it so much. I loved it that much that no matter how many times my mum tried to throw it out or get rid of it, I'd find a way to get it back so I could wear it again. And again. And again. Eventually my mum managed to get it off of me and I never saw it again. 

It was god awful anyway if I'm completely honest.

It isn't really the object I get attached to but rather the amount of time I've had it for. Like, I've had these shoes for a good year and a bit now and they've been everywhere with me - you can tell from the fact they have no soles left at that back and my feet are literally trodding on the pavement. (Side note: I've just realised that I'm writing a whole blog post about fucking shoes and if you've managed to reach this far into it, then I'm sorry that you had to endure it, thanks tho!) 

What I'm trying to say is, I need to get a grip and start having a good old clear out. Starting with these smelly, dirty and hole-y shoes. But I have so many DVD's, books, clothes and random shit collected in various boxes in my house that I really don't need and probably won't ever use again really. I probably wont though because I'm a low-key hoarder and I can't help but collect random shit and never let go.

It's a pretty universal thing too I think. Everyone has that one thing that's utterly useless or worthless that's laying around, collecting dust, but they can't bring themselves to get rid. And it's always just going to be there, in the corner of your eye, saying hello, needing attention. That last sentence can either describe the useless waste, or I could describe me as a friend to anyone. HELLO PAY ATTENTION TO ME DONT LEAVE ME.

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