Us and Univeristy


And that is that! The You and University series has drawn to a conclusion, and the posts have been some of the most successful ever on my blog - so I thank everyone who's been reading them for that! I've managed to find points of view from a range of different people: people who study art, people who haven't even started university, people who've moved across the world - it's really inclusive. And that's brilliant, I feel like we have covered a lot of ground and it's helped me just as much as I hope it's helped you.

When I started the series I had just dropped out of university, a week before my first exam of first year. I was lost, depressed and I just needed a break. I needed to enjoy what I was doing - and I really wasn't for the seven months I lived in Leicester. And it wasn't due to anything in particular, I just let everything get on top of me and things snowballed - I ended up hating not only the work I was doing but everything to do with my lifestyle.

Now, just under two months later (and believe me, it seems like a lot longer!), I've managed to regain my happiness and I'm a lot more comfortable with how I am now. Don't get me wrong, I'm still anxious as hell - but I've managed to figure shit out and I've got a good grip on things now. A better grip on things than I probably ever have. It sounds stupid but dropping out of university and starting from the beginning has been the best thing to happen to me this year.

I've arranged a summer internship to control the social media and marketing of a small charity in Leeds for the Summer - something I'm so very excited for and something that came out of nowhere. I've applied for university again and got unconditional offers from a few places - and I've accepted an offer to study Creative Writing and Media Production in September.

Reading the different posts that were written for this series has helped me so much in realising that there is no set way to experience university. It isn't always going to be the full on party, social and amazing lifestyle that you expect. There's elements of that, but no one talks about the lows that come along with university life. It's important to remember the lows in any aspect of your life.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the series, it's been really eye opening and I've loved having you on my blog!
If you missed any of the posts, recap here:

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