Organising Your Bookshelf 101


Now I've finished uni until September I have so much more free time to read. The problem is I have no idea whatsoever where to begin. I have this really bad problem where I'll buy a new book, or a few new books and then tell myself I have to read them before buying anymore. But then I see a book that I want, I buy it - and the cycle begins. This has happened so much in the past few years that I have about 50 books that need reading - and the number is gonna keep growing because I can't stop myself. 

With this, and due to me buying a new bookcase recently (AND I PUT IT UP MYSELF WITH POWER TOOLS LIKE A REAL MAN) I've developed a sort of organisation technique so I can hopefully stop buying so many books and read the ones that are screaming to be read. I'm here to tell you it so you can hopefully pick up some tips on how to organise your books - or anything really!

OK so, firstly you're going to need to put everything away that you've already read. That way you won't be tempted to read them again and they'll be out of sight - so you won't even think about reading them.

Then filter out the rest into categories. Author's you like, author's you haven't read - author's you don't really gel with. Once you've done this you'll have more of an overview on what you're more likely to actually read. Yes, there may be a book in the author's you don't like pile that is hyped to the max - but are you going to read that over an author you love? With the new author pile - you're giving yourself a chance to fall in love with something new - pick as many books from here as possible.

As silly as this one may sound - it works the best. Arrange the books on your bookshelf in a way that will make you see certain ones before the rest. You tend to look at things at eye level first, or near enough, so put the books you really want to read there - and then spread out the rest on a scale of how much you want to read them as they get further away from where you're going to look first. When you've read a book from that part of the shelf, replace it. This way you're always going to see something new to read.

Hopefully this little system I've got going on for myself will allow to me to plow through my seemingly never-ending to be read this. It will probably work for a while but I give it about a month (or until I get paid) and I'll be cramming my bookshelf with new books that need to be read.

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