Amy and University


I was supposed to write this sooner but as I said to Tom himself, I'm a forgetful piece of shit. So better late than never.

Since GCSEs my academic career has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Filled with enough tears, drama and heart-to-hearts to be a story arc on Degrassi. The one thing that got me through was the idea that I'd make it to uni after this suffering. And here I am, writing this post for my lovely friend's lovely blog in my university halls.

I'm studying Advertising and Marketing Communications at DMU. I never expected to be studying a business-related course at uni. I've always been into creative subjects or ones that make me understand my own mind a bit better a.k.a. Psychology. It wasn't until I studied Print-Based Media at college and I did a project on film marketing ~and watched some episodes of Mad Men~ that I realised this kind of course gave me the best of both worlds. Plus if I become super successful I could easily start finding limos out front. (Oh-woah-oh).

Now I'm not gonna lie to you, first year has been kinda shitty. Similar to many other's first years of uni. The modules haven't been solely focused on what I want to study, instead they've been a mix of basic business modules and whilst I get that it's important to hold a good understanding of the other departments you work with in business, it's also ever so painfully boring to be sitting in a lecture theatre for an accounting module. Hence why I can't wait for second year to start so I can be immersed in subjects I actually enjoy.

Being at uni hasn't magically made my mental health issues go away. In fact you could say it's made me worse in some ways! I sleep less at night than I do in the day and the slightest thing can set me off into a panic attack. But like hell will I let that stop me. I will fucking rock at uni like I already am. I'm getting good fucking grades despite all my insanity and that's something for me to be proud of.

Yes university is hard, anyone who expects it to be anything less is dim. But holy chuck is it worth it. All you need is to find some sort of support and techniques to help you through. You do need to relax in between panicky study sessions. For example, if I'm getting too het up over an assignment I stop before I get worse because whatever I do like that will be shite anyway, I write in my journal, watch Supernatural or something and type up a blog post. And I also call my mum because she's the best. Little things like that can make the world of difference. Even playing mortal kombat or borderlands and just hurting some virtual men can help, shooting a skag in its grotesque little face rules. However, how cool would it be to have a skag as a pet? Best guard dog ever.

University is hard, but it's also the time to throw yourself in at the deep end and slowly find your way through life and discover what it is you truly want. Graduating from uni I'm probably gonna cry. As I do at most things. But it will be tears of happiness and pride in myself that I actually did it, I survived.

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