You and University


Going to university is exciting, and it's daunting - and it's the best. And it can be the worst. Making decisions about where to go and what to do - or even if you should go at all, can be tough and you need to consider all of your options before jumping into anything you might regret even a little down the line. I made this mistake myself, and chose my university and course based upon the fact I got an unconditional offer and would be in regardless - little did I know it would come back to haunt me months down the line when I had to dropped out because I literally couldn't cope anymore.

It's with that tiny shred of knowledge that I bring to you this new idea of mine. Once a week, I aim to publish a new post written by people who are in university, applying for university or didn't go at all. My reason behind this being that I don't want anyone to feel how I have in the past few months, and I think reading about other people's experiences will really help clear your mind if you feel a bit overwhelmed or confused about the whole thing.

I've already got a few posts planned from a range of different people with different degrees, experience and circumstance - so I really hope I can continue with this series and help at least one person with their decision making! Even if not, I think it will still be nice to be a little nosey and see what people are doing etc. Being nosey is the best.

The series will be weekly, with little mini posts written by myself scattered in between them focusing on topics that you might not think of immediately when you go to university. In the mean time, head over here to look at some more posts about university that I've written in the past.

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  1. I think this is a fabulous idea! I recently went back to university (well college anyway) after many years of being out of it. It was daunting, and terrifying, and it's been hard-but it's also been extremely rewarding.

    1. I hope to return once I've calmed down a bit and taken time to relax! You're right - it's daunting at any age, I think but so worth it once you've found the perfect place!