Starting A Blog


I've had this little blog for nearly two whole years now - which is mad. When I first started it I had no idea where I wanted to take it, and I didn't think at all I would still use it two years down the line. Even though I don't like to limit myself to certain types of content, I have fallen into a niche of things in the past few months and I really think I've fine tuned my blog to what I want it to be now. But it isn't as though I've always known.

When starting up a new blog, you can feel a little intimidated by the mass of bloggers and vloggers out there. The key here is to forget about it, bite the bullet and just post what makes you happy. Make content you'd like to read, and content you feel comfortable with. I'm not saying you need to just post things inside of the box here - because the more you think outside of the box the more you will want to push yourself to explore new areas. What I am saying is for the first few months, just dabble with different kinds of posts till you find something you feel you can talk a lot about.

Eventually you will find what you're passionate about - and blogging will come quite easy for you at that point. You'll probably post in excess and really enjoy churning out posts willy nilly. My only advice here is to schedule. Limit yourself to a few posts per week and then schedule any other posts you may or may not have written for a time when you don't have any posts going live. This way, if you lose momentum, you still have posts to go up when you're having a bit of a down period.

That leads me on to my next point nicely. Don't let your blog go dormant and forget about it every few months. If you really want to get into this, then do it properly. I'm not saying you have to force yourself to post - and don't write something that's half-arsed just so you can say you posted something. What I mean is, if you post a lot for a few months but then go AWOL and leave your blog dead for a couple of more months - then you're bound to lose interest and also lose sight. It's way harder to get back into blogging after you haven't done it for months than it is when you just have a lack of inspiration or motivation. Because when you lack those things it's quite easy to go out and look for them - look at other blogs or look at trending topics, you're bound to find something!

The most important thing to remember is that you're doing this for yourself. If you start a blog with the intentions of becoming famous then you lose your authenticity and the stuff you're posting wont be as good. Make things you want to be proud of and show off, and post content that you know you'll look back on and thing good things. Don't just generate basic content that you think might get you page views. That never ends well!

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