Important Albums


I think everyone has that defining artist, or album that they keep with them through a bad experience. Or a song that you'll always remember from that really good Summer you had that year. This is my attempt at pulling all of that together and, for me, compiling a list of albums that are important to me for all different reasons.


 This album was the best of last year for sure. It's full of bangers and I can listen to each and every song and think of something different. It's such a good album and it's one where every song is amazing too.


 I stumbled upon Grimes by accident whilst looking through YouTube videos a few years ago and I fell in love. Her new album is amazing, but this one is always one I go to when I'm walking home in the dark or when I feel gloomy and want to pretend like I'm in a movie and this is my depressed montage.


 If you know me then you'll know how in love I am with Jojo. This is the first thing I listened too when I rediscovered her and saw she was facing a legal battle a few years ago. She has another mixtape too, Can't Take That Away From Me, and along with Agape - they both send me back to Summer 2013. 


Charli XCX was introduced to me by an old friend. As soon as I head You (Ha Ha Ha) I fell in love with everything about her. Her sound, her look - everything. This is her kind of debut album, and has some amazing bangers in. Her sound is alternative but still v v poppy. It's amazing sassy walk music.


I love Haim. Everyone loves Haim. That's all we need to say.


This album is hands down the soundtrack to my teenage years. Marina has such a talent for singing about anything and making it everything. Every single one of the songs on this album is relatable and I think everyone who loves Marina see's a bit of themselves in Electra Heart. One of my favourite albums of all time.


Weirdly, this is my goto feel good album. Not just because of the songs and my love for the film - but it reminds me so much of my childhood (a musical like this should NOT remind me of my childhood) and it just makes me think back to the countless times I've watched and danced to it. I advise anyone who hasn't watched this film to go watch it. 


Here she is. Miley. I've never not loved her, and I love her on this album the most. She has such a no fucks given attitude and it's hard not to emulate after a listen or two. The tone of the album is addictive and contagious - it's trashy pop at its best.


I never really got the deal with Selena Gomez until this album. I liked her music but I didn't really gel with it how I did with other kinds. But this album is stellar. It's very much a heartbreak album, but it's also so empowering and she conveys a really strong message in it. And Hands To Myself is the best song to come out of 2015, really. 


I can't finish this post without mentioning the true queen of trash pop. Even though this isn't her best album, it's my favourite. There's so many feel good anthems on there that remind me of parties and gatherings we used to have in high school. It's very nostalgia inducing for me.

Looking back through my music library and picking albums was hard, but it got me thinking about how important music has been to me and how much it helps. It's cliche and cringe-y to think about, but it really is a form of catharsis. What are your fave albums?

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