I'm Writing A Book!


I've always told my mum I wanted to do two things in life. Just two things, and then I could die.
These things were to see Steps live - DONE and to write a book. I wasn't even too fussed about the book being published - I just always told her I wanted to write one. Over the past few years I've tried (and failed miserably) and trying to figure out a story and put pen to paper and write - but nothing ever really stood the test of time. That was until now..

I never thought of writing non-fiction. It's the genre I love the most, because I love reading about people's lives, but I didn't even consider it for myself. What would I write about? I'm only 19, and my life hasn't exactly been the most interesting thing. Then it dawned on me, I write for this blog all the time and I don't always talk about myself. Yes, I talk about my own experiences but I always make them relate to a bigger picture. Take my posts on body image and feminism; they aren't all about me - yes they're very much influenced by me but I try my best to make them relatable for everyone.

And there we go. The idea for my book is sorted! Think my blog but in a book - with some other stuff thrown in. I'm trying to keep as real and as honest as possible, so there's a lot of stories included that, let's just say, I wouldn't like my mum to see!

I'm really enjoying writing, I'm doing it at my own pace and it's so much fun to talk about things I'm passionate about for as much as I like. I'm not even a 1/4 of my way through my first draft though (I'm around 10,000 words in, so about 50 pages), and so I really need to knuckle down and try get it finished as quickly as possible so I can start editing it and tweaking little bits. I'll keep you update of course!

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