Tinder Or Tindon't?


Internet dating hasn't ever been as popular as it is right now. Especially with apps such as Tinder, Hot Or Not, POF and Grindr - now more than ever people are finding it easy to meet up with people whether they're looking for casual dating or something more serious. But it isn't as straight forwards as that - it can get creepy, it can get funny and it can get down right bizarre.

There's nothing wrong with using these apps, or whatever, to find someone - even if it is just a friend. It's up to you what you use these apps for; sex, free food via dates (guilty), friends, love.. It's entirely your choice and it isn't right if other people judge you for this. Everyone has tried these apps and it isn't for everyone - that's fine too. It is your choice. I hate the stigma these apps come with that people are desperate or can't find anyone in 'real life' because, if they aren't real life then what are they?

On the subject of the blurred lines between 'real life' and dating apps comes the whole catfish argument. If you're taking pictures of yourself from certain angles and putting things your proud of in your bio - you become a catfish. You aren't telling your potential matches that you have an extra chin or a bit of chub in a place that you wish you hadn't - but that's fine! You want these people to see your best side.. You're trying to impress them! That's another thing I hate too, it's fine for people to not be attracted to you when they meet you for the first time (even though they would be surprised once they get to know you - hopefully), but it's another thing for them to get angry at you because you look slightly different than you do on those five featured pictures on your profile.

Find me someone who looks exactly like their profile picture. Please.

And, then - there's the dark side. The weird messages you get from people you had forgot about. Those 2am matches that you only swiped right on because you were very tired and wanted attention. They're cringe, funny but not the good funny, rude, creepy, all three - or they can rarely actually be decent people (but you've forgotten all about them by the morning). 

It's these people that make internet dating a bit shit really. You go on looking for a good chat or a good bang (whatever floats your boat) and you're met with 21st century catcalling, jokes not even your dad would tell you or creepy attempts at chat up lines. You ask yourself if these people would come up to you in the streets and say these things, you unmatch them and then you continue on your treacherous journey towards love (or, again, whatever floats your boat).

The world of internet dating can become an addictive one, you can get a fix of attention at any point in time from as many people as you want. You can find someone to help you with any needs to may have, you can even find love - but as with anything, internet dating can be dangerous. There's the real threat of actual catfishes (people who aren't at all who they pose to be), the whole "You're meeting someone off the internet?! You'll get murdered!" conversation, the fear of judgement. The pro's do outweigh the cons obviously, and admittedly I have had lots of fun on Tinder.. And I met my boyfriend on the internet - we've known each other on twitter and spoke for a solid 4 years before we actually met.. 

Internet dating really isn't all that bad and I'm glad the stigmas and attitudes towards it are becoming more and more relaxed. People do use these apps for a bit of banter obviously, who wouldn't? They're hilarious! But to the people who are out looking for someone special, good luck! And to those who are looking for something less serious - have fun and be safe! 

Thank you to everyone who contributed messages from Tinder to this!

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