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I'm going to do something out of character and be serious, and direct. Even with my deep, personal blogs I like to think I keep things quite light and informal. But I think this needs a more direct approach to it. Recently, I've had my social media profiles hacked/spammed and pictures and information on me were used to create a fake profile on a dating app. It hasn't been a good few days following!

I didn't know this was happening whatsoever, obviously, until someone messaged my boyfriend with a screenshot of the profile saying I had been messaging them on a dating app. Worst case scenario. Imagine that happening, the person that is suppose to trust you the most finding out you've been using an app like that to speak to other people. Luckily, my boyfriend is understanding and trusting enough to not jump to any conclusions without first asking me. And I'm so happy he did.

We figured it out together and tried to think of how this had happened. The account was reported by the person that found it and it's now suspended. My mind was on overdrive, I was trying to think of who had the power and nerve to do something like this. What made matters worse is that it happened in Leicester, the city that I actually lived in. It was red flag after red flag.

After hours upon hours of stress, panicking and worrying I finally had the idea of emailing the customer support of the app, detailing my issue and sending the pictures that had been used on the account in hope they could uncover something. They pulled through too, and it turns out my Instagram posts had been uploading and saying what location I was in. Long story short, it was a spam account that had used Leicester as its location and used my pictures because I live in Leicester. It bewilders me how someone would do that, it could ruin so much in someones life!

That aside, I've been thinking a lot over the following few days and I've deleted my Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts and set up new ones. That way nothing can be found on the old ones and I can't run the risk of it happening again. I've also changed the passwords for my accounts too, just incase. People forget so easily about privacy and safety online. I think it's one of those things that gets pushed aside because you think it will never happen to you - but then it happens to you.

People are inconsiderate, and they will do what they want to do regardless of what damage they will do to people. I'm lucky to have gotten out of this without causing damage to my relationship or any other aspect of my life - and I'm quite happy to have deleted my accounts anyway because they've been active since I was around 15 and have some very embarrassing things on them!

I need to start taking more care of myself online, this has been such a huge wake up call.

More information on how you can be safer online:

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