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Today, 8th March 2016, is International Women's Day. Happy Holidays! I've wanted to write something on this topic since I started my blog but didn't exactly know where to begin - but I thought now was a better time than any. Women are fucking awesome.

Ever since I was young I've looked up to predominantly women. My mum and auntie being the first people - not just first women, that I thought were fucking amazing. My Auntie Deb, the most amazing ballsy headstrong woman I'll ever meet and my mum is something else. My mum is like the Blue Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland. She's very wise (my mum knows literally everything in the world that needs to be known - and even if she doesn't know it she will pretend to) and she always knows what the best thing to do is. These two women really shaped how I grew up, obviously my dad helped a lot - but I think my mum and auntie stand out so much because they're pure matriarchs. They're two strong as fuck women who know what they want. I love them very much and if you're reading this Mother and Debra, please pay for Florida for me next year because look at all these nice words.

I never really identified as a feminist. I thought they were aggressive, annoyed weirdos who wanted to kill all men (this comes from my sociology lessons - a lot of the feminist research we worked with came from radical feminists such a Shulamith Firestone, look her up). So, I decided a few years back to educate myself. I did research, bought books, watched videos. Now I have more grasp on the concept and I advise you to do the same, if you haven't already. I recommend Caitlin Moran, Lena Dunham and Hannah Witton.

When I see people (may I point out these people aren't people I generally rub shoulders with) online and even in person, give their distorted views on feminism or even women in general I get angry. I'm not one to force my opinion down the throats of others but I do wish people would just educate themselves a little bit. I understand it's hard for people with one brain cell to click on google and read just one tiny article on the matter - but they could at least try. It was interesting for me this morning to see girls on my Facebook sharing posts about how fat-shaming isn't a real thing or boys from my high school talking about how girls shouldn't wear make up because it's like they're lying to boys. Why do people think anyone (again, not just women) should do stuff to please other people?

I've come to the conclusion that to me, feminism means people should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. And people shouldn't be treat differently just because of what gender they identify as. If a women is raped, people should believe her. If a man is raped - his masculinity shouldn't be questioned. Feminism isn't making sure men are seen as less than women. Feminism isn't making sure women are seen as more than me.

Feminism is equality.

Check out some of these good people and their opinions on feminism:

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