March was a slow month, and - apart from Amsterdam, nothing really happened. I spent most of my time either pretending to do uni work, sleeping in either Leicester, Leeds or Canterbury, eating, applying for jobs and being intoxicated every now and then. So instead of doing my usual 'highlights' kind of post at the end of this month - I'm gonna talk about my favourite things kind of. I say kind of because I'm just trying to remember things I liked so I can talk about them and try make some sort of blog post out of it.

So, music first. I was sort of lazy here and I've made a list of my most played songs of this month - I'm surprised by the lack of Steps and Britney in this if I'm honest!

1. Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself
2. Adele - When We Were Young
3. Adore Delano - Take Me There
4. Adore Delano - I Really Like It
5. Rihanna - Higher
6. The 1975 - UGH!
7. Hailee Steinfeld - Hell No's And Headphones
8. Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me
9. Fifth Harmony - Work From Home
10. Kanye West - Black Skinhead
11. Grimes - Flesh Without Blood
12. Miley Cyrus - #GETITRIGHTs
13. Rihanna - Consideration
14. Shura - Touch
15. Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Time

On to movies & TV now. Although it came out in February, Deadpool is defo a fave of this month - and last month too. I've been to see it three times in the cinema, and in three different cities too! It was really interesting to see what people laughed at different parts of the film. RuPaul's Drag Race is for sure a fave of this month too, and again - every month. Season 8 started in March though, meaning I didn't have to keep rewatching old seasons on Netflix. Instead I just watched the newer episodes on repeat until the next one premiers. Girls and Broad City also had new seasons and episodes out this month, and they never disappoint. 

Finally, books. Surprisingly I read a lot this month - surprising because I know I read a lot but I can not remember what. I'm really bad a this, I apologise.

At least we know that I either need to get better at remembering things I like or I need to make my life more interesting so I can write about it on here. I do remember Amsterdam from this month, and I remember being poor ALL month (really poor). I remember having pre drinks, paying £7 to go to a club then leaving 20 minutes later because Amy was sick EVERYWHERE.. Even on me. And I remember staying up till 6am and cooking a full breakfast with Saff and Ellie, then going to bed after that. I remember by identity being stolen!!! FUN. March was actually quite an eventful month actually, I just forgot to take pictures so I could make a post about it that didn't look too wordy.. But this one does exactly that so that didn't go to plan. 

I'm useless, I'm sorry. Then again it is 3:30am. I'm going to bed.

Let's make April less of a mess! 

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