On the 20th March 2016, the four of us boarded a ferry and set sail to Rotterdam. To say we were tired was an understatement, we had been up since early hours (like 9am) and travelled from various placed in the country to Hull. Hull. ... Hull. It's literally the city of grey. BUT, we were going to Amsterdam - and we were so excited.

We had started the afternoon off in Wetherspoons, and had a few drinks and some food before getting a taxi to the port. Once we got to the port, and managed to check in - with no stress at all which is surprising considering me and James are the biggest stress heads in the world, we got onto the ship and went to our rooms. They were so strange! The beds folded out of the wall, so it didn't really take long for me to break one because I wanted to push it up to the wall, even though this one didn't.

A few hours later it was pitch black and we were leaving the port and setting sail on our 10 hour trip to Rotterdam. We had settled in quite nice and found a table in a piano bar to start the night off. I didn't know where things were going to take off from here, but as soon as we bought a packet of cards things took a turn. I can NEVER. LOSE. AT. ANYTHING. Oh I was getting so stressed and annoyed because I couldn't play, I'm like a child literally.

We ended up sitting in the disco listening to the house band - who were terrible to the point where they were quite good ??? But we were already pretty tipsy by now so we didn't really notice. And James and Cody were too busy shouting abuse at her about her very short dress to really be able to focus on the quality of entertainment anyway. Eventually and also obviously we were all very drunk - and took turns to dance infront of the stage with what I can only describe as the cast of Shameless with less class. Some of the people on that boat were from another planet I swear.

After a very short sleep (we didn't go to bed until around 2am and had to be up at like 8am) and a 90 minute coach journey from Rotterdam - we were finally in Amsterdam. We got off of the coach and started to wonder, only to find ourselves going in the complete opposite direction of the city centre. This was defo a recurring theme throughout our day - we couldn't navigate ourselves anywhere even with the help of Google maps. We did find our way eventually though, and decided to go for some really nice, really posh, really cultural breakfast. McDonalds.

After our food we just wondered everywhere and took the city in. It was so much bigger than we all expected and I really fell in love with it. There's so much to see and it was really nice to just walk around and go down all the little streets and find things you wouldn't normally if you stuck to a map (so I guess that's a bonus of our terrible map reading skills).

The cafe's that we went to were so cute too, this one especially.

We visited Anne Frank's house, it was a bit further out from the city centre than most of the other things in Amsterdam - and the change it atmosphere was really clear. This is something that's been on my bucket list for a long time now so I'm glad I've finally managed to tick it off!

 We got a museum visit packed into our day too so we got some education!!!!! Even if it was a sex museum and despite the fact we're four young adults - we were pretty squeamish when it came to looking at some of the things in that place (think of a big fat hairy wrist going in a place that wrists are not meant to go and let your imagination make the rest up for you).

Our day in Amsterdam was so nice. We were intoxicated for the majority of it but I can still remember it, even if it is a bit blurred. The Red Light District was an experience, walking past four windows and seeing women of all shapes and sizes naked and trying to tempt you to go in was an uncomfortable experience for all, and seeing a shop keeper shout at Izzy and Cody because Cody had managed to get stuck in some clogs was hilarious. There was so much we did that I can't write it all here - mostly due to the fact I can only recollect small chunks of the day at the moment, but I can't wait to go again and see more stuff. 

We jumped back on the ferry, had a bit of a nap, then spent our night with a few drinks and more unsuccessful card games. Our intentions were to have an early night so we got rest for our journey back home but it didn't really work out that way. Amsterdam was very short and sweet but it's a trip I'll never forget. When can we go again guys!!?!!?!?

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