I feel like I haven't done one of these monthly posts in ages because my life has been boring as hell. But hey ho, here's January.

The month was kicked off with New Years. Obviously. I spent it with my best friend Izzy at a Willy Wonka themed club. We got VIP tickets and got free sweets and champagne!!! Izzy poured the bowl of sweets into her bag and we spent half the night trying to keep them in her bag and making sure the staff didn't notice. It was a very good night, and we said hello to the new year screaming to Queen, S Club, Fall Out Boy and the rest. You can imagine the kind of people that were there with the mix of music.

I was so scared of them.

I spent my last week of the Christmas holidays in Leeds and in bed. And ill. The Christmas break wasn't good to me. I went home an able bodied, somewhat healthy person and came back with glasses, a bad chest and poor.

Then it was time to go back to Leicester and I was more than excited. Excited to see my friends, to start uni again and to get back into a proper routine. It's now the third week of uni and I've been in once and I still can't sleep before 3am. Progress!

As soon as student loan came in I took a trip to the best place on Earth (in near distance anyway). Waterstones. I don't know how I've done it but I've managed to acquire quite a few new books this month, and I didn't buy a few of them! I did buy Tape, Room, The Danish Girl and a collection of Dorothy Must Die novellas. 

The first week back at uni was a weird one. I ended up in Canterbury with James, which was a v spontaneous and unplanned trip. I think I've spent more time there than Leicester in the past two weeks... I got my Christmas presents though which is always a bonus, and he got me the bestest things, as usual.

 We also went into town and there was a little bookshop and look what it had in it!!! One of the blind book date things!!!!

 Then, as the weekend came around, I was back in Leicester and we were getting ready to go out. This was a v fun night out. It started snowing on the walk home and we spent so much time throwing it at each other and skidding in it. We also had an argument with some weird people and I almost hit about 10 people because they were in my space. I get so aggressive when drunk. And when sober.

I put my Instax to good use that night, I got a photo with everyone I live with. It's so nice to have pictures like this.

And yet again I found myself in Canterbury. But this time it had been planned for a while. I did surprise James by arriving a day early - but it came as a bit of a hinderance to him because he had work to be doing and I'm too much of a distraction. Ah well.

We went for a right cute walk we did.

Somehow, I ended up staying 6 days with James. We spent the time watching shite TV, eating shite food and playing Playstation One games. It was the very best.

As soon as I was back from Canterbury I had one of my fave people ever, Annabel, come visit me for the night in Leicester. We ended up getting very drunk and dancing to shitty pop music. For once, it was me being sick and having to leave early which was kind of poo - but we still had a very good night. I won't see Annabel for ages now cause she's going to study in Australia for a few months, so the visit was kind of bittersweet.

I spent the day with James (again - not planned) on the last Saturday of the month in London. We went round some art galleries, saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and spent about 70% of the day on the tube. BUT we also had afternoon tea at a Cat Cafe, so we were surrounded by cats as we drank tea. Amazing. I also has a v embarrassing poo in a Starbucks which also made me puke, but the less said about that the best. 

I bought a nice lil house for second year in London, too.

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