I'm Annoyed


Firstly, I want to disclaim that I’m not an expert on any of this and I’m still trying to educate myself on the matter. I’m just a person with an opinion and I’m a person that is frustrated. I’m trying to structure my thoughts but this is no doubt going to turn into a rant. I’m sorry in advance.

Why are people such dicks?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the most perfect views and opinions but I know that they are my own and I do respect that other people will have different ones to me. Having said that, I think there’s a very big difference in having opinions that you need to keep to yourself and having opinions that are okay to share. This isn’t a case of being PC or being considerate of other peoples feelings (well it kind of is) but more of a case of educating yourself and doing research before you say things like - for example, gay couples shouldn’t adopt children as it would be child abuse.

From what state of thinking would anyone gather that opinion? It isn’t fact. It’s proven that gay couples be it two women or two men make just as good parents as a regular ‘traditional’ family. And, if it’s tradition that causes concern then you have to drop that way of thinking because tradition is changing and the nuclear family isn’t what is used to be.

It’s understandable that a dim-witted, archaic man would be scared to accept change even if the change has no effect on him whatsoever... Like at all, no effect on him at all. But if he just educated himself, learned the facts – even met a family like that, his opinions would for sure change. He needs to get over being so uncomfortable and insecure in himself because that’s what this is. Bottom line. He’s a scared old man and he doesn’t accept change because he doesn’t like it.

I think it’s a shame that someone that claims to be ‘liberal’ thinking and accepting is so quick to claim that being gay is a lifestyle and therefore a choice. It isn’t, it’s not a choice. People know that and people don’t. It’s the people that don’t that are dangerous because it’s them people that are scared of it, scared of the change. It’s baffling how anyone could get so worked up and opinionated over something that has nothing to do with them, and will effect their life in no way other than them feeling uncomfortable when they see two men holding hands in the street. Because that is barbaric.

I’ve adopted the frame of mind that these people don’t matter. They are a minority but will always be made out to be a majority because of their controversial opinions and almost aggressive attitudes. They’re always aggressive with it, if you haven’t noticed. Just like gay people, gay families aka - people and families have no impact on their life, they should have no impact on ours.

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