I'm going to be honest I'm drunk. And I didn't really want to write this blog post because it might be a long one but I have food on the way so I'll stop writing then. *

2015 was amazing, wasn't it? Like really bloody amazing. I did so much, so much happened and I met the most amazing people. If you read my blog usually (Hi Saffron, just Saffron) then you'll know I do monthly 'round-up' kind of things. I wish I did them the whole year round but uni got a bit busy and stressful so I had to put my blog on a standby but I'm not sorry Saffron, because you live with me.

I'm already struggling to type and I'm really hungry so I can't focus SO I'm gonna end this soon but that's ok because life goes on.

January and February we're quite rough months to be fair, my dad was on the back end of his cancer treatment and there was a lot of hospital visits for him. It wasn't nice but, he was getting better at such a rapid pace and even if he was in pain - he is Superman so he would never let it get to him. He's a lot better now, so he's annoying again. Even though this was an awful time, I learned straight away that there's no point dwelling on it or being sad about it - dad's going to get better. I know he is.

March was great. I went to Disneyland and I turned into a small child for 4 days, it made the past two months so much more bearable. To be quite fair, March, April and May we're all kind of a blurred month because most of the time I spent was at college (that is a very, very small portion of time), with my friends v drunk, building bridges with older friends and just having a bit of a chilled out few months to be fair. I can't really remember anything significant from this period of time that happened right now, maybe because I'm drunk - but I do have a lot of good memories when I look back.

Summer was the best. I had the best few months of my life. My friendship group had all finished college, all excited to move on to newer things, and we spent a lot of time with each other. We hadn't had time like this for a good few years so it was great to pick up where we all left off and see that we still got on just as well! I tried to see more places in Summer too (Ibiza being an obvious one), but I tried to get out of Leeds a lot more - if not out of Leeds, at least out of bed. I think I did this to an ok extent, I did got to Leicester and meet my boyfriend for the first time (we'd known each other for four years previous to that) so that was a mediocre time...

The months since Summer have been the best of the year, dare I say some of the best of my life so far! I moved to Leicester, started uni and met the best people ever (and also the worst at the same time). My life has changed a lot this year for the better, the last few years have been a bit poo for myself and my family so it's nice that things have been so good this year!


*this is poo

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