October is always one of the best months of the year because Halloween and also my BIRTHDAY, and this October was no exception. The only issue with this month is that I actually had to start doing work for uni and getting my head stuck in, I forgot that I came here to actually get a degree rather than mooch about all day! Here is October!

This is how October started. Me taking a nap in Ellie's boobs in a club. It was a nice nap and it was quite comfortable. I was also very, very drunk.

For some reason, I can't remember why, the three of us thought it would be fun to do facemask's one night - and we looked great. They did nothing for us, but what can you expect from 80p packets?

OBV YOU CAN'T FORGET THAT OCTOBER IS SPOOKY MONTH. I don't want to think about the amount of times I've said that words in the past 4 weeks, and I'm excited to start getting giddy for Christmas now!! Look at this spooky scary skeleton getting into the festive spirit.

We decorated the flat to look spooky and really scary for our halloween party. We even tried to dress Cliff Richard up if you can see. Sadly, he lost the bottom of his torso and also his legs this month. He's in good state at the moment now, he's stable.

I travelled to Canterbury at the start of the month to visit James for a few days (I only went to get my birthday presents and nothing else). It was a really fun few days, even if I did end up being sick in his toilet and then falling asleep in it straight after one night. His friends are amazing too, I like them more than him.

James got me probably the best present I've ever received. It's a very old edition of Alice in Wonderland with original illustrations in it. I'm too scared to pick it up or touch it in case I ruin it because, let's face it, that's a very me thing to do.

As I said, October was the month that uni got real. I realised I hated the course I was doing and changed over to a different, better one. Everytime I think of my workload and what I need to do I want to cry, so I've been kind of pretending I don't have anything to do for a while in hope that it goes away. But it just get's closer..

I TURNED 19 IN OCTOBER. We had a very eventful night out for my birthday, and my two bestie's, Scarlett and Izzy, came down for the night to celebrate with me. Izzy immediately got drunker than everyone else and kicked me, really hard, in the balls four times before we even got to the club. I love her. 
We spent ages in the cheesy pop room and I was actually LIVING my life in there. I was in my actual element. I didn't want to turn 19 because it is an ugly age, but my friends managed to make my birthday a very fun day and I got a lot of surprise cards from friends and family at home, it was cute as hell!

Eventually, it was time for our spooky party. We all dressed up and, to be quite honest, we looked 10/10. I was a clown obviously, but we also had a priest, a few skeletons, a zombie nurse, the Cat in the Hat, a flapper girl, a vampire.. etc. It was a fun night until I had to clean sick up off of a mattress. But then it got better because I got a well nice burger. Swings and roundabouts!

We also put a deposit for our house next year down at the end of the month. It's such a nice house and I cannot wait to move! It's nice than my parents' house, sorry parents. 

I spent the last weekend of October back home, and I got to see Alex again on Halloween, which is great because I missed her almost as much as I missed my cat. Eleanor joined us, and we had a reunion night out. As per usual, I got injured as I always do when I go out with Alex - I'm sat here with a swollen eye and a bruised foot. 

October seemed to go on FOREVER, and it was quite a slow month in terms of things going on too, but looking back a lot of things did happen! November might be a bit dull because I HAVE ACTUAL WORK TO DO NOOOOOO.

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