As I've already mentioned quite a bit on here, I'll be starting university in a matter of weeks. The whole process of preparing for uni has been a long one and, although for the most part I was pretty prepared for every step of the way, it is a lengthy process! I had the idea to document my experience and what I did to prepare for my application etc because when I was actually applying, it is blog posts like this one that really helped me.

So, the beginning..

I already had a clear vision of what type of uni I wanted to go to and what course I wanted to do - so I could easily tailor my personal statement to that. Looking back, I probably rushed into writing my PS, and went through about 4 drafts before I was properly happy to send it off. The most important thing to do when writing it is make sure everything is spread out quite evenly. Talk about your education but don't over do it, and the same goes for everything else. You want to fit a lot in but not over do it - and it can be tricky to find a happy medium. What helped me a lot is getting other people to read my statement, that way they could point out any errors and tell me if they thought more needed to be added.

It also helps to tailor your statement to your course, if you want to apply for a maths-centric degree - you don't really want to be waffling on about a drama course you did over the summer. On the other hand, you could transfer this to how it helped your leadership and team work skills - but again, don't over do it. 

When you think you're finally happy with your personal statement, show a few more people and then write it out again - word from word. This helped me in spotting any mistakes that hadn't been corrected and also let me think about what could be added or what wasn't necessary.

My personal statement was just under the maximum amount and I got offers from all of my choices.

So you should probably listen to everything I say, or you prob won't get in.

Then the wait, it can take days, weeks or months for you to hear back from your choices. It's quite tedious and can get annoying after a while - but I'd say in the meantime try get yourself on as many open days as you can, and look up the courses and uni's in your free time. The info you have on each of the uni's will help you make your final decision on where you want to go for sure. Don't decide you want to go to one specific uni if you haven't looked up much on the others. You never know what you may find!

Once you do have all your offers, that's when things can get a bit more exciting! If you have made your mind up about your first and insurance choices - you can let UCAS know as soon as possible. I got an unconditional offer, which meant I could only make a the offer firm - but also meant I could sort out accommodation and student finance a lot quicker.

When your choices have been made you can look into what type of accommodation you want to stay in, make sure you look everywhere and find any student reviews possible because you might think somewhere looks brilliant but it could turn out to be a prison cell. That's something I experience first hand! Luckily I managed to get it changed and my accommodation now is pretty great!

With student finance, things can be pretty strung out and get boring. Countless calls and forms being signed will eventually result in you getting your loans and grants, which then means you can properly book your accommodation and start to work out how long it will take for you to bite into your overdraft or call up the bank of mum and dad. This was probably the most annoying part of the process, but it's quite necessary really!

Obviously, there's the most important factor in all of this - which is your actual exam results. My only advice for this is work your best and revise revise REVISE. I think stressing and working yourself up about exams never helps, so if you ever find yourself getting upset over exams.. Stop revising or working and relax for the rest of the day or night - because revision won't go in and you'll just get even more stressed. Or do what I did for the best part of the year and drink alcohol every time you even think about college.

It also helps to think that everyone is in the same situation as you, meaning if they do shit, the exam boards will have to lower the grades anyway. If you're doing shit make sure everyone else it, or else you're fucked. I'm kidding.... Maybe.

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