University Room Tour


On Friday 18th September I FINALLY moved to university! Honestly, it feels like forever since I got my offer and booked my room etc etc. The day itself was full of excitement and anxiety and tears (my mums tears) and it was a very tiring day. But once I arrived and got into my room everything was forgotten and I turned into an excited child. I had a blank canvas and I could make my room look 10/10 and to be honest, I think I've made it look 100/10.

When I bought my bedding I wanted to get toned down colours because I knew everything else in my room would be colourful as hell. I bought four HUGE pillows from Next and then added my Jane Lane pillow and Miranda the male teddy (don't ask). My bed looks cute and comfy as hell. I also have a lava lamp and it won't work so it is basically just a green tube of goo. MMMMM. The tapestry on the wall is from Ibiza and everyone who's been in my room loves it so far. I'm basically Lawrence Luellen Bowen.

My shelves are the best part of my room, I love how packed and clutter-y they are! I brought as many books as I can, my faves and some I need to read (I'm currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler and it's hilarious) and then obviously I brought along my most important box sets. Then there's just random things I've brought from home that remind me of people, places or anything in-between. And also alcohol. That's probably the most important part. 

The boring part. My work area. I'm going to try my very best to do work here and not just slouched in bed. I made everything look organised and nice with jars and boxes to put thing in, but I really don't think this is going to last long! CAN YOU SEE MY PIXAR LAMP IT'S GREAT.

This is what you see as soon as you walk in my room. How interesting. I think my room is quite cosy and I'm excited for when it gets cold and wintery because I think it will be nice and warm. My wardrobe has some pictures of friends on and my Hannah Witton poster is up, I love it. 

Obviously, the most important part of my room here - alcoholic beverages.

My room is coming along nicely and I think I'm happy enough with it to stop messing around and rearranging it. Saying that, I'll probably completely change how it looks as soon as I need to change my bedding. 

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