This is going to be a big one..

September was a massive massive month! It feels like it has gone on forever but at the same time it's gone so quick. Obviously my biggest thing this month was moving to Leicester to start uni - but it was the little fun bits in and around the move that I've enjoyed the most. September has been my fave month of the year so far.

The month started with me house sitting for my auntie, which mean living in the house with three unruly kittens for 10 whole days. I thought it would be fun and the kittens would just be cute all the time, but no. They're like the devil's spawn, I don't think I'd have survived any longer than 10 days with them, they are literally the most devilish creatures on this planet.

Me and Scarlett thought it would be an amazing idea to bake and decorate a birthday cake for our friend Izzy. However, we had no idea how to use the oven and ended up grilling the cake instead - so it came out more of an omelette. Still, we persevered and the final product was 80% icing and 20% 'cake', but at least it looked cute!

As you can already tell, a lot of ugly photo booth selfies were took over the course of the week.

My leaving do at work (cry cry) eventually rolled around and it was such a good night. We went bowling, if you can't tell that from the picture then I'm sorry but you're a bit stupid, and everyone ended up getting maybe a tad too drunk. So, I spent the next day logged out on the sofa watching Ru Paul.

Speaking of Drag Race, I have been OBSESSED with Adore Delano's album this month and I don't know why I've never heard it before now. My fave song is probably Hello, I Love You.

Another one. Alex came to stay and we watched It and shit ourselves then we said goodbye before uni and it was weird I feel like my left arm has been ripped off.

Then James came for a few days and slept on me for most of the time he was up. It was a thrilling experience and I would 10/10 recommend it. On one of the days we watched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and then I recited the Hannah Montana movie word for word to everyone. It was a really fun five days AND I cooked proper food and the lot!!!!!!!!

Soon enough it was time to go home and pack up for the move to Leicester. I had so much stuff to put in the car (three huge cardboard boxes, a suitcase and a plastic container). Before that though, we went to go see Rocky Horror Live and me and Izzy got pretty drunk. An old lady next to me told me I had excellent hip movements during the Time Warp. She was barking up the wrong tree I tell you now.

And finally! Move in day was stressful and exciting and it was a very long day. My room looks so cute though and I love everything about my flat. You can see more of that here.

Our first flat night out (+Tasha) was fun. We've gotten into the habit of going to Wetherspoons and getting quite drunk and it is probably the best thing ever. Saffron on the other hand got a bit too excited on the first night and ran wild with the condiments. It looks like someone has shat in her hair but I promise it's brown sauce. She deserves this embarrassment.

Even though I have been before, living in Leicester has made me realise how cute of a city it is. It isn't majorly huge and it's easy to walk everywhere, but it's just as easy to get lost in!

Also, Leicester has a take away that sells BEER WITH FOOD!!! Burger, fries and beer for 4 quid! BARGAIN LAD.

Isobelle had already come to visit me by the first week, and another friend from home (Divine) is coming to uni in Leicester so we all went out for the night. It ended up in us having to assist Divine in walking home and Isobelle falling over and nearly cracking her skull open.

My oldest friend Maddii turned 19 this month, and we were both a bit sad that we wouldn't be able to see each other to celebrate it. So, I spontaneously decided to get the train home for the night so I could celebrate it with her. We had such a fun night, even if Maddii did cry about 100 million times. The night ended in me trying to play the piano in Leeds Train Station at 3am, thinking I was Rachel Berry in Glee..

On the last Monday night of the month we went to our first freshers event - the UV party! Look how gr8 we all look with our face paint apart from Tasha because she didn't want to be rashy lol. This was a v v good night but my thighs hurt like mad the day after because we slut dropped to Taylor Swift a good hundred times.

Tasha turned 20 at the end of the month so we went to celebrate by getting v intoxicated and dancing to Katy Perry. We (mostly me and Ellie) got quite very drunk and ended up falling over and rolling around the streets at stupid o'clock because we could hardly stand up. 

September has been a really fun, packed month and I've made some awesome memories - and friends! October will probably be a bit more relaxed; uni actually begins so I'm gonna have to actually start focusing on getting stuff done rather than staying in bed till 1pm! 

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