A few months ago I went on a bit of a rampage in Paperchase and bought tons of Scrapbooking materials. I think I spent around £40 in there and was only in for 15 minutes before work one Sunday morning. Most of the stuff I bought has been put to good use though, and I've made a good start on a scrapbook which documents my 18th year (October 2014-October 2015). At first, the scrapbook was just a place to store memories and write about things that have happened this year, but more recently I've started to randomly doodle in it or let my thoughts pour out into it. I think it will be good to look back on it and not only see all the good things I had done in my 18th year, but also see how I felt.

 The first page is just full of little things that have made up my 18th year so far, and I've been adding bits to it as I go along. It has my student ID, my old Waterstones Student Card, the first leaflet I got from Uni and a picture of me, my mum and my cousin at my 18th on it - then other little bits. I've still got space on it to add, and will do when something comes along that needs adding!

The other pages range from things I've done, such as Paris, Ibiza and the many nights out I've had, to more personal pages about things that have happened in the day or certain people that have made my day. I've also got a section in the back where I draw characters in books I'm reading, which is something I've never thought about doing before but is quite fun!

The Paris page is one of my faves, it doesn't have much on it but I think it is quite cute! 
You can see more of my Paris trip here and here.

This is the first page I did for the scrapbook, my 18th party! I thought of doing it in chronological order at first but I just add to it when I feel like it, sometimes I'm not in a good enough mood to put fun stuff in so I'll just doodle.

The book has been so fun to start and I'm excited to finish it soon and start the one for my 19th, which is less than two months now! I didn't realise how much I've actually done this year until I started this scrapbook. It's nice to do on a night when I want to sit and be quiet and just pour myself into something, as silly as it sounds - it can be relaxing as HELL.

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