Payday Books // August


It's been a hot minute since I went berserk in Waterstones. I calmed down for a few months on my book buying because my collection was just overflowing - but I managed to tame it and now there's space for even more! As per, I didn't plan to buy ANY of these books - I went to Waterstones to buy a bag and MAYBE get one book. But then I realised I only needed two more stamps on my card to get another £10 gift card so I had to buy more to get it. Then I had to spend the £10 gift card, and then some.

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley  
I bought this edition purely because of the pretty cover. I've already got an older copy of this passed down from my Nanna, but I couldn't resist buying this one! If you haven't read Frankenstein you should because it's great and also who doesn't know the story of Frankenstein lol.

1984 - George Orwell 
I bought this with the intention of widening the range of books I read, and I've wanted to get into it for a long time. 1984 is obviously a classic, and a few people have told me it's a good book to compare to modern day living - but people have also told me it's more of an essay than a book and it was a chore to read.. SO we will see won't we! ALSO the cover is pretty int it.

The Wicked Will Rise - Danielle Paige   
This is the sequel to Dorothy Must Die, which I read in Ibiza (and was amazing). Reviews have been mixed in comparison to the first novel so I am quite apprehensive of this one, but I'm sure I'll love it just as much as the first! Even if it isn't as good - I'm a sucker for a shitty sequel! I do highly recommend this series to anyone who loves The Wizard of Oz, it's such strange twist on the story.

Oz Books! - L. Frank Baum
I am so determined to complete my collection of Oz Books! I saw these and bought them straight away (obviously), and they all match my original cover so I'm hoping I can match them all. The Oz books probably tie with Alice In Wonderland/Looking Glass for my fave ever stories, and I have always wanted to read them all as a not-child.* The stories aren't too long but that just means I can read them quicker!

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