I Feel Good


Feeling good and feeling feel-good are completely different. Go help an old lady with something - you'll feel good. Go listen to a song you loved to dance to as a kid. Now you feel feel-good. It's literally the best feeling ever because for that moment nothing matters. Usually, for me, the feeling of feel-good comes into play whenever I'm home alone and I can hold a private concert in my living room for my cat. And usually, for my cat, this period of time is the worst time ever.

Music really is always there for you, especially when you're playing to a sold out concert in your living room with a packed audience of your biggest fans (one cat). The best kind of songs to go manic to for me are 'shitty' (not shitty at all) pop songs that people are too embarrassed to like.
So for example, these songs:

Avril Lavigne - Smile

Karmin - Brokenhearted

Steps - Too Busy Thinking Bout My Baby

S Club 7 - You're My Number One

Honest, go learn all these songs and have you're own little concert (my concerts are like Arena tours so yours can either be academy/theatre tours or my opening act. You're welcome).

Another feel-good inducing thing is spending time with ya good pals and doing what you enjoy doing the most. For my circle of friends, this is either bowling, board games or drinking. Usually the latter as the two former options normally end up in full on rivalry and often tears (my tears). I don't think anyone would disagree that your friends are the best medicine ever, when you're feeling poo or when they're feeling down - you can always cheer each other up!

Then there's the bookworm in me that says there's nothing that compares to finishing a really really good book, and thee feeling that follows that. When I read Rainbow Rowell I feel like this, so go buy all her books and read them all and then feel amazing about the choices you just made. I'm never ever ever gonna stop talking about Rainbow Rowell and how amazing she is so just go do it, please.

When someone tells you they love you, you can't help but feel feel-good. Like, someone ACTUALLY loves you (and so they should because look at you. I was addressing myself there, I need the support). It probably doesn't come as a surprise that most of the time they only person that tells me they love me is my mum. Or my reflection. Mostly my reflection. 

But sometimes I'm lucky.

The other, much better kind of love is the kind you feel from a pet. MY CAT. I stand by the fact that my cat loves me over anything or anyone else and I know he does even though he bites me and I have to bribe him to come near me with chicken or treats (same goes for any human really too). When your pet is sat with you and you're both just co-existing in harmony though, I love that.

I understand that feeling good or feel-good should mainly come from within but I think a lot of that also comes from outside too - if that makes sense. 

thanks for the drawing alan

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