That was quick.

I didn't actually think much would happen in August, besides constantly working and uni prep - I didn't have much planned. And to be fair, not much DID happen - but when things did happen (mostly getting too drunk as per), it was dramatic!



Like last month weirdly, the month started off with a venture out of Leeds. We spent a night in Leicester (the city I'm moving to in less than three weeks for uni!) and - as would be expected off of me by now, I got very drunk and made a great fool of myself. The pathetic fact is, I got drunk after two glasses of wine and two pints. I then proceeded to act like a child until around 4am when I finally got sleep. The next day we saw Inside Out and a cried like a bitch - it wasn't a great experience (the short before it was creepy as HELL and you need go to see it just to witness the creepiness).

A few days after that, I went to go see one of the best people in the entire universe for a movie night. Our definition of a movie night is as follows: Go to co-op, buy shit tons of crap food, eat said food in 15 mins, get bored, play Call of Duty, go to the pub and get drunk, go home and get drunker and then finally fall asleep trying to choose a film to watch. I'll miss these nights lots, and Alex, when I move to uni.

I think the following Saturday or maybe the one after, my friend Jordan threw a good ol' house party and it was great. We all haven't seen each other in a while so it was nice to catch up and just chill out, and it was weird knowing that it would be one of the last times seeing each other before uni! Weirdly, nothing dramatic happened this time, but I did walk home and 2am and throw myself in a bush because I saw the police and was convinced I'd get arrested. And I met a group of girls and went to a pub with them, then realised I knew no one and ran away. I'd love to know what goes on in my brain when I've had a drink.

The week after that (I know that for sure), Jordan held another party for a friends birthday. It got messy, and let's just say, I never want to play ring of fire with anyone I don't fully know again. Let's also add that I was running through the streets at around 10pm because I was convinced I was about to get attacked by someones angry mum. I'm still scared that she's trying to track me down.
We went to Izzy's house after the whole debacle to chill out, and we just ate copious amounts of pizza and nuggets and talked about bollocks. And we all downloaded Tinder and had fun with THAT.

(My weeks in August have consisted of me working, hence why this is very weekend-heavy!) 
The next week, Annabel - I'm getting sick of her face on this blog, invited a few of us round for a lil party. Only three of us made it however, and we played ring of fire and got intoxicated VERY quickly. Tip: If you want to get drunk very fast, play ring of fire with two other people. You're welcome.
We somehow managed to climb on Annabel's shed and we stayed there for a good while playing Never Have I Ever.

We all found out way too much about each other that night. 

THEN PAY DAY HAPPENED AND I DIDN'T ACTUALLY SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY FOR ONCE. I mean, I did AFTER payday, but on the actual day I didn't. That's mainly to do with the fact that I had a nine hour shift that day. Saying that, I did managed to buy all of this during that nine hour shift. 
I'm ridiculous.

The day after that, my glorious cousin Ellie and I went out for the morning to celebrate my exam results (I'm glossing over that part of the month because I'm over them already). We went to Leeds Museum first, and I'm sure all of the curators there thought we were special - because we made sure to take part in every children's activity there. Ellie is 22 in a few week and I'm 18. 
After, we went for a banging meal at Giraffe - I enjoyed mine anyway.. But Ellie's limited gluten-free options meant she pulled the short straw. 

Later that night, I made my way to Maddii's house to get ready for a night out with her and Chloe (she's the one in the picture). We pre-drinked and headed out to get the bus into town, and when we were there we went for a McDonalds AND I USED APPLE PAY AND IT WAS GREAT. But, when we did finally go to a bar - we couldn't actually get in ebcause Chloe forgot her ID.

SO we went home and I ate Chicken Pasta Bake and I had more fun that I would going out.
I finally got properly into finishing my scrapbook this month, and it is looking well good. I'm excited to finish it in October so I can start a new one!

Finally, I got around to doing all of my uni shopping this month (I say that, but I have a few more bits to get, and then some) and it was so fun. I got way too much and I know that I won't use half of this but all of my kitchen stuff matches and that's all that really matters.

August wasn't that much of a good month for things happening, but it's been busy and I've actually enjoyed it a lot. It has been quite a long month too, and I'm excited for it to be over mainly because of the things happening in September. I'M SO EXCITED FOR SEPTEMBER...

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