My Favourite Biographies


Autobiographies really interest me. I love reading about people and finding out their stories (because I am the nosiest person) and living through their highs and lows. They are probably the books that I read the least but when I do read them, it's usually in one or two sittings. It doesn't come as much as a surprise to see the likes of Miranda Hart or Claire (from Steps) Richards on this list - they're some of my fave people! 

Miley Cyrus - Miles To Go
I am unapologetic to how cringe this is. To be fair, I haven't read this since I bought it back in 2009... When I was 12, but I do remember that I read it in a day and I felt like I was somewhat connected to Miley after I read it. Little did I know that this 'connection' would mean that, 5 years down the line I would be stood below her whilst she spits all over the crowd at her Bangerz tour. What a LADY. Obviously, the book doesn't really go into much nitty gritty detail - it's for sure a Disney gloss-over on her life.. But one thing I liked about this is the fact she talks about Nick Jonas secretly and I loved the fact I knew she was talking about Nick Jonas and I just realised that I am extremely pathetic and sad for liking this.

Good Reads:

Russel Brand - My Booky Wook
From one extreme to another. This book is battered as hell because it's one that's been around the world with me and read countless times. Russell has had quite a fruitful life to say the least, and this book records his struggles with addiction and his rise to fame. I did buy the second installment - Booky Wook 2, but haven't managed to read that yet (although I should, because Katy Perry is featured). As you might expect, the vocabulary and tone of voice is quite pompous as you may expect  from Brand - for sure an interesting one to read!

Good Reads:

Miranda Hart - Is It Just Me?
First of all, how similar are the covers for this book and Booky Wook? Coincidence I think not! Despite this not actually being an autobiography - it is quite a good autobiography! It is more of a self-help guide, split into various sections giving advice and stories from Miranda's life to help aid such advice. So, although it is mainly somewhat of a self help guide, it is also heavily influenced by her life and experiences. One of the funniest features of this book is the running commentary given from Miranda's younger self throughout the book. If you like the TV show, you're for sure going to like this. 

Good Reads:

Carrie Hope Fletcher - All I Know Now 
Even though I said I'd wait for Ibiza (WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS) to read this, I couldn't help myself and I read it in the days following the purchase. I wish I read this a little slower because it was so amazing and it's one of a few books that has actually changed my outlook on things. Carrie doesn't tend to dwell on bad things in her life, and the book is so refreshing because of that. You can tell from what she writes that she has her head screwed on - even though she claims otherwise!

Honestly, if you're going to read ANY of these books, read this one.
Good Reads:

Claire Richards - All of Me
If you know me (first of all, congrats on knowing me) then you'll know that Steps mean more to me than anything in the entire universe. Even my cat. I feel bad saying that, so I'll say joint first. But Steps mostly. And if you know me well enough, you'll know Claire is my absolute WOMAN - so much so that I read this book twice in a week while on holiday in Florida. Yes, I chose to spend time reading this over taking in Florida. Sometimes I feel my life is wasted. But then I realise that I know Claire's life story and all is good, all is as it should be. Really though, this book really surprised me, she has such a good voice for writing and some of the stories she tells really shocked me! Who knew being a member of a bubblegum pop group could lead you to addiction, affairs and Britney Spears?

Good Reads:

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