I'm going to try something new. At the end of every month I want to do sort of a round up of what happened. Kind of like a diary entry showing everything that happened in the month - if that makes any sense. These posts will probably be more photo-heavy, with little text - but I thought it would be nice for me to look back on what I've done and everything that happened in the month. I think this will be fun!

So, here is June.

The month started out fun, we had a cute little games night in. I call it cute, but I did end up tipping the Monopoly board upside down in a jealous rage because I was on a winning streak up until the very end of the game. Shannon won, as always. 

Start as we mean to go on. This was a work do. Usually, LEGO work do's lead to me and Annabel being very drunk and everyone else sort of putting up with us. No exception here. We both only have a few memories from this night, but apparently we tried to kiss each other through a window and stained it quite bad.

I saw Doctor Who live! Kind of. This was the Symphonic Spectacular.. All of the amazing music from the show performed live. It was such a good night, and I cried SO much when they played a tribute to Rose Tyler and Amy Pond. So many tears.

Enough said. More here.

I got very drunk at a family party with these two. We started up being the only ones dancing and then everyone seemed to want to dance with us because our Steps routines were AMAZING. 

The day of my last exam (also payday!) I met Annabel (this is her blog) for shopping, cocktails and Chris Pratt/Jurassic World. After, I met Maddii and got drunk in her bedroom off of two White Wine spritzers. I am a terrible lightweight. Obviously we went into Leeds for the night then, and had a jolly good time indeed.

I, Justine and How to Build a Girl were my fave books of this month - and the only books I read. But I did have exams so there's a good excuse there. I also bought a scrapbook and some things to help me build it up - I've got some pages done already.

Carly Ray Jepsen and Mika both returned into my life this month. I don't know exactly when Mika's album came out but I only heard about it this month - and Carly's album defo did come out this month! These two songs are BANGING.

I house sat with Isobelle for a few days after exams. We got drunk every night.. And every day for that matter. It was a good few nights and we actually managed to survive with proper meals and the lot! One night we burnt all our college work from the past two years. It felt good let me tell you that!

Me and Shannon spent about an hour decked out on Izzy's sofas listening to Elvis Presley and Madonna vinyls. It was quite special considering it was like 3am.

We threw a proper party on the Friday. We lit (after a few failed attempts) a huge fire and we all sat around it and talked... Then got drunk. It was fun to see everyone, we don't really see each other much so was nice to catch up. The night ended up with me and Shannon nursing our friend Matty (who was 18 on the same night) who voluntarily smashed his head off of a counter and split his head open. 

The night after the party a few of us went to Nandos (cheeky eheh) and bowling for the now stitched- up Matty's 18th. I came last. Shannon DIDN'T win but she beat me. As always. It was so much fun and a nice end to the month! I did however feel quite weird after the Nando's, and that paired with minimal sleep for the past four days made me quite ill! 

So! That was June, the end of college and the start of Summer. We made some good memories this month and looking back, I did quite a lot! On to July!

This is what July will mostly likely look like for me. I'm setting the tone here. Thanks for the picture Beth. Here you are. This is your contribution to June.

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