I think that was the quickest month of my entire life. I was on holiday for a week of it, but strangely that was the slowest week, and the past few weeks following it have been incredibly fast. It's as though the month of July was dragged from under my feet and I barely made it out standing up. One month closer to uni, one month closer to not being prepared for anything whatsoever.

This is July.

The month started off with a road trip to Whitby. It was semi-planned but we didn't actually know where we were going until we all sat in the car. We originally planned to go to a park 20 minutes away from us. The four of us (Me, Shannon, Matty and Divine) had a nice day, we sat on the beach talking for ages and also went into a shop and looked at knives for a while (??), I liked this day a lot.

The same day, we got back home and decided to go bowling. Full of spontaneity aren't we?! As per, I didn't win. But so didn't Shannon this time! In fact she was diabolical! This made me happy, probably too happy. 

Another work party followed that weekend. Again, me and Annabel got slightly ahead of ourselves and were so out of it. I remember being in the bathroom curled up in a corner for like 15 minutes just laughing at myself whilst she peed. Then she fell asleep on a balcony and thought it was falling off the building. Mess. I lost my ring of fire virginity this night and it got me well and truly off of my face!

A couple of days later, Maddii came round to my house. We usually don't plan things together, just see where the wind takes us - which is usually one of our houses or a fabric shop in Leeds Market. When I'm with Maddii I can't tell if I'm 18 or 80. Not that I'm complaining. This time, we watched both Grease movies (we have loved these films since we were about 7 - when we dressed up as Danny and Sandy and acted the whole film out for Maddii's mum). I also forced her to watch The Fault in Our Stars and she cried. I liked it when she cried. Muhaha.

THEN IT WAS TIME. Time to pack up, go to Shannon's - and get to the airport
 (where, even at 3am - alcohol is allowed).

The hotel was so nice, and the all inclusive bar wasn't too shabby either. I was drunk by 3pm on our first day. This was the view from our hotel room, at night - if you sat at the right angle, you could watch the sun set by the sea.


Sleep deprived and slightly tipsy, getting ready to see none other than Dizzee Rascal at Ibiza Rocks. It was as weird and mental as you can imagine. 


I love this picture, we all look so ready for the picture but too out of it to actually try. This is the look of three exhausted 18 year olds who had just endured a 3 hour dance fest at the front of a packed crowd. 

Obviously, we didn't let that stop us. We went to a super-club straight after that - and when we got back, we were desperately in need of a take away. For some reason the guys next door joined me and Beth on our search for one - and all I remember is running down the road at 4am screaming 'HOUSE EVERY WEEKEND' and then stuffing a big fat burger down my throat. I think it was a burger anyway.

Looking fresh as a daisy, getting ready for our first night on the infamous West-End. We found a bar that gave us 3 mixers, a cocktail, 3 shots and 2 bombs for 15 euros each. Obviously, we took the offer up - and about 30 mins later we were all steamed. We also got BANGING Subways on the way back.

 I've never enjoyed a footlong so much in my life. 

This was the second boat party we went on. I wont even include the first because I was so out of it I couldn't even begin to recall it. This one was for Zoo Project, here we are with our banging body painting on. Shan was a Zebra, Beth a Giraffe and I was a blue thing. We chilled out on this one rather than dance, because we needed the rest (we were shattered!) but once we got to Zoo we began to let loose. 

One of the stages at Zoo. I don't think I've ever witnessed something as weird as a fat German man playing the piano whilst two grown men dressed as animals break-danced in front of him. Actually, that's quite a good summary of the whole week.

On the Sunday we headed to Ushuaia to see Avicii live. I was excited for this because I've not really seen anything like this live before - and fucking HELL I enjoyed myself. Not only was he amazing, but we just danced and danced and laughed so much. Shannon ended up on my shoulders, and although they did go numb and the imprint from her shorts was still on my back the day after, I haven't experienced anything as funny. She was trying to dance on my shoulders whilst I was jumping up and down and dancing everywhere too - we genuinely looked like a broken Jack-In-A-Box just exploding everywhere. 

The Holi Garden Festival. This was as fun as it looks. We basically had 3 hours, and shit loads of paint powder to throw at each other. We got a little over excited and threw paint everywhere we could and this was the end result. Shannon and Beth washed their clothes but I had to throw mine away. From up close, we all looked like we had no eyebrows and apparently I looked like a serial killer. 

Sadly, all things must come to an end - Ibiza was amazing and I miss it so much. It was the last proper blowout we could have before Shannon moved to Australia, Beth returned to her full-time adult job and I move to uni. It was the best holiday with the best friends. 

BUT coming home meant I could be reunited with my best thing ever. He doesn't look like he cares at all that I'm back. Cats eh?

As I said, this one only had a few days left before she left me and moved to the other side of the world forever (but free holidays for me aye!) so how else should we say goodbye than night out? 

This was the first, and last time our proper circle of friends have been out together - it was a cute night. I lav these guys.

AND THEN IT WAS TIME. The bestestestest friend was leaving me for pastures new. I'm proud to say that I managed to not be a blubbering mess when I said goodbye to her, and we still talk everyday even if she was selfish and moved away. I already can't wait to see her next Summer, and I'm going to miss having her 15 minutes away - but I'm over-the-moon 
happy for her. 

So, as Shannon was on a flight to her new life - I was looking after these terrors. I had to clean actual cat poo up and honestly it was an experience I would rather forget as soon as possible. Imagine me, pooper scooper in hand, bending over a litter tray with a tea towel wrapped around my head. Then imagine me running to the bin with said pooper scooper as far away from my body as possible whilst trying to balance cat poo on it as carefully as possible. No thank you.

Me and Scarlett decided to become art. It was only a one night exhibition and no one really came, but we look amazing. 

Then Minnie Mouse appeared on my bed and we watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch and played GTA (where Minnie ran over any man she saw to 'fight the patriarchy').

We also tried to draw each other. Make of that what you will. 

One of my fave people (and a frequent guest on this blog - I swear I mention her on every post?) threw a party for her 21st birthday. Highlights include: Me dancing with her gran, doing the Time Warp with my manager, arguing with Annabel about how many claps to do to the 'Saturday Night' dance, pushing Annabel head first down a children's slide and then feeling terrible about it afterwards and then forcing alcohol down her throat. And I mean forcing. I also watched a game of Rugby for about 10 minutes and pretended I knew exactly what was happening. 

Hands down, this is my fave book of July. I have only just started it today and I've near enough finished it. Lena Dunham is literally a genius (and I am not apparently, I spelt genius and 'genuis' just then).

These were prob the best songs I listened to in July. Rihanna slays (obv) and I discovered Shura whilst randomly looking through Spotify. White Light is so different but so great.



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