Payday Books // May


It happened again, didn't it? I didn't post for ages again BUT I have had tons of revision to do for exams (I actually should be revising now but I've come to the conclusion that my exam is on Monday and if I don't know it now I never will). 

Usually I go hard in Waterstones on payday. This time going 'hard' - that doesn't sound right, doesn't even begin to describe it. It's fair to say that I spent a lot of money on books last month. So much so that I've had to firmly put my foot down now, no more book buying till I've read through my to be read list. I got bored the other day and counted 131 books in my bedroom. That's pretty mega.

Here are the books I bought in May. As usual I won't really go into detail on the plot or what the books are about - but will post their good reads link so you can find it on there!

The Versions of Us - Laura Barnett

My most recent purchase this one, it only cost me 26p! I've managed to save up my Waterstones loyalty card points up to the point where I could nearly get a £12.99 book for free.. That says a lot about my book-buying habit...
What made this book jump out to me is the time-travel-esque plot. It focus' around a young couple who meet during early adulthood and them follows their lives around three different timelines as they grow older. This isn't something I've seen before and am so excited to jump into this as soon as my exams are over (although the temptation to start it now is strong!)

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

First of all how PRETTY is this cover?! I saw abookutopia review this book on youtube and she makes it sound so intense! As the story goes with most books I buy, I never meant to get this but when I saw it on the shelf and felt like I was obliged to. The plot reminds me somewhat of Noughts and Crosses so it will be interesting to see if I like it as much as that, I think this one will be coming to Ibiza with me. 
You can find her review here

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Caroll

This is like the 100000th version I have of this, and without a shadow of a doubt it's the best one! Vivienne Westwood designed it (especially for me, obviously) for the books anniversary and although it was pricey compared to the other versions - HOW COULD I RESIST?! There really isn't much I need to say about this, it's my favourite story ever and I will continue to love it till I die.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

Yet another 'oo that's half price I MUST buy it' impulse buy. The plot is quite intriguing, and a friend has given it quite high praise so I'm excited to give it a chance. Although I do think the creepy pictures may get a bit much for me, since I'm a wimp and all. Tim Burton is directing the film adaptation to it, set to come out next year - so I really need to read this before I see the film. I'm one of those people...

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle Paige

My second favourite story ever is The Wizard of Oz. This is a modern day retelling of the story and honestly I'm all for it. I love with when things are remade or retold with a different twist - it's like my story-fetish thatsoundedsoweirdwhydidIwritethat. Oddly enough, this was a planned purchase, I've had my eyes on it for a while and finally found it (I hate buying books online or anywhere else but Waterstones so it took some time!) AND it has a sequel out too so maybe this is the start of something new. I hope you're thinking of Troy and Gabriella now.

 How To Build a Girl - Caitlin Moran
I haven't read anything that Caitlin Moran has done but I know that I do love her with all my heart anyway so I'm bound to enjoy her book. She co-wrote a TV show with her sister that was on Channel 4 earlier on this year and it was hilarious, it's called Raise By Wolves and if you haven't watched it I heavily suggest you do. The women is literally a genius.

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