Good Riddance


If you went back in time to Summer 2013 and asked me if I was looking forward to going to college I would have replied with a resounding yes. If you ask me now if I could look back on the past two years of college and re-do them I would say fucking bye. It isn't as though I have had an awful time, I've met some nice people and it had helped me realise what I want to do later in life. But, all in all, my experience of college has been a rough one to say the least and I'm over the moon to see the back of it.

I'll admit that, for the most part, it was self-inflicted. About halfway through my first year, and straight away in my second year - I gave up. I lost sight of the end goal and getting an unconditional offer for uni just meant that I could stop trying so hard. Having said that, the college I went to didn't really deal with anything well at all. And I do mean ANYTHING, so sometimes it was just as difficult for me to deal with them as it was for them to deal with my sporadic attendance and lacklustre attitude.

One good thing that did come from it though, was some of the people I met. Even though we did joke about how weird some of the people that attended the college were - and it doesn't have much of a reputation for the success of students, we had some good laughs and I hope to keep in contact with a few of them over summer. I met Alex, one of my dearest and most special friends ever, in college and I know we're gonna see each other till we die.

Me and Alex in all our glory

Despite the fact I know my grades aren't going to be brilliant come results day, I have learned some valuable lessons from college. The past two years haven't been very special in terms of academia or whether or not I enjoyed college - but they have helped me realise what kind of person I am now and what kind of person I want to be. To compare how I was upon leaving high school and how I am now, getting ready to move to university you won't see a changed person really - just an improved version. I wrote a blog post a while back on how I feel like I've gone through changes every Summer and I felt at the time that I was a mixture of all my 'past-selves' but now I've come to realise I'm just the same but with added features. Like a smoothie. I think? I get what I mean...

SO, I have the whole Summer to myself before I start my big adventure and move off to university. I'm putting my college experience behind me and looking towards being able to start all over again with a brand new city and brand new people!

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