10 Things in 10 Years


So my dear, sweet, angelic friend Annabel (none of those adjectives are remotely true) not-so-recently posted a list of 10 things she wanted to do in 10 years (when she will be 30 and I will be laughing at her). Obviously, I'm reductive, so I am copying her idea! Let's call it recycling...

These things are in no particular order and I can guarantee I'll look back in a few months and will have changed my mind. But, here are 10 things I want to do before my 29th Birthday (October 2025).

1. Visit New York, go to the theatre and read a book in Central Park: Because Amy Pond                did it and looked so cool.

2. Spend at least a month in Australia, and explore!: Something I will no doubt be doing next Summer, as my best friend is actually MOVING there.

3. Graduate university and hopefully land myself a good job: Cause money innit.

4. Take my parents on holiday: Once I have money, I want to give them something back - but only a trip to the seaside.. Joking.*

5. See my friends grow and find a good job and be happy: Love mi mates I do

6. Travel alone to Amsterdam, Egypt and Japan: Three places I have always wanted to go, and if I go alone I CAN EXPLORE MORE

7. Act more: I don't know how I'll get into this, but I'd say I was a pretty damn good actor and I really miss performing.

8. See Britney Spears live: Honestly I would be morbidly depressed if I don't see the queen in person 

9. Skydive for charity: Something I have always wanted to do, I've heard from a few people that it's pretty magnificent.

10. See my dad fully in the clear of cancer: He's in the all clear for now, and I know he wont let it come back!

I tried being realistic with these and to be fair I have a pretty good chance at getting them done! Maybe in 10 years time I will be able to come back and do a recap of them all...

You can find Annabel's post here.

*I wasn't joking

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