Payday Books // April


Finally! It feels like it's been so long since I could buy books! I got payed a couple of days earlier than normal, and for some reason I went on a frenzy. Even though I have only bought three books, I've managed to go through £240 in about four days. It isn't something I'm proud of, and I can only compare it to the feeling you get when you eat loads of bad food then feel like a foul beasty afterwards.

It came down to me having £40 yesterday, and instead of saving it for something more important - I had my Waterstones feeling. This is a feeling I get whenever I have money, and I get near a Waterstones. A small creature inside of me starts tapping and tapping away at my brain until I give in and go to Waterstones. Now, it is physically impossible for me not to spend money whenever I go into Waterstones.. Seriously. I ended up buying two books of which I had never heard of and then today I picked up a book that I pre-ordered a few weeks ago.

I'll Give You the Sun - Jandy Nelson

This book jumped out to me straight away because LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! The page rims are all yellow and it reminds me of a pumkin. The blurb to the book is pretty vague, so I'm going into this one kind of blind. I've read that it is a perfect book for fans of Rainbow Rowell, and since I love love love that woman (more on that here) I think I'll like this one.

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing was an impulse buy, I just saw it and picked it up. Obviously, the title gives a bit of a clue to what it's about, and I haven't really read a book before that uses a gay relationship as its focal point before; I doubt it's much different from a book with a straight relationship in it apart from the fact it's two willys and not a willy and a tuppence...

All I Know Now - Carrie Hope Fletcher

I have been waiting soooo long for this! Carrie is amazing and I love her blog and youtube videos, so when she announced her book I was over the moon. Her views and opinions on the world are so genuine and she's a proper wholesome, down to earth person from what I've seen. I think I'm taking this one to Ibiza with my in July, so have a bit longer to wait (although I probably won't...)

As ever, my to-read list is forever growing - meaning I have no idea when I'll end up reading these books.. It might be next week or it might be October. I need to bring this book buying addiction to an end and just read what I have.

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