Disneyland Paris; Day Two


Day One

So, after a good nights rest and a bit of a sleep in we got ready to tackle the parks again. We had decided the night before to take things a bit slower today and just go with the flow (however we did already have plans to get fast-passes etc so this actually didn't work), at around 10am we got the bus into the parks. 

We spent the majority of our morning in ques for rollercoasters, Thunder Mountain being the first. I didn't get chance to ride this last time I came to Paris as we didn't have time - so I was going in blind, EXCITING! The ride was good, but spending 45 minutes in a que behind the worlds most annoying child just made me want to slam his head against the coaster tracks! I'll also admit, since we're among friends here, I screamed like a little bitch on the darker bits...
Thunder Mountain

Next was the Indiana Jones ride. My favourite! This is the longest we had qued the whole of our stay in Disney - around 50 minutes. We ended up going on this one again later on in the day, it's a lot of fun. Again, it was only enhanced by the que; some child infront of us was asking his mum why his uncle wasn't his uncle anymore and if he could be friends with him. Apparently his uncle wasn't actually his uncle and he had dropped off of the face of the Earth... 

For an hour or so after we just walked around and took Disney in, mainly because we were so indecisive on what do do - but it was lovely. We walked all through the castle and even went exploring the caves next to it. The best thing, for me, about the castle is the view, when you go upstairs you get such a good view of the park. After our wonder, we hopped on the Buzz Lightyear ride once more and then went over to the other park.

Once over at the other park we got something to eat. I feel like I have said this a thousand times already but, since this is Ellie and I - we couldn't just get food like normal people. We found an all you can eat buffet and decided on that, but once we were in there the confusion hit us. The kind lady worker sat us down at our table and told us NOTHING of how the buffet works (yes, we need instruction on how to pick food up with a spatula and put it on a plate). It looked like there was a que to get to the food, so we joined it. Bad choice. The que was behind like a fence of sorts, and we were too short to see over it and needed to stand on tiptoes to do so. So, picture this - me and Ellie stood on our tiptoes looking over this fence at the buffet and two French ladies stood looking at us waving their arms around in the air shouting NO NO NO NO NO!! WE WERE SO CONFUSED!

It just turns out we don't have much common sense and the buffet entrance was about 5 meters away from our table. 

What is WRONG with us?!

After food, we got on the Rock'n'Roller Coaster again, the que was 15 minutes so why not? I'll admit, going on a full on roller coaster right after food wasn't the best idea and I felt a bit queezy afterwards! That didn't stop me though, as it was time for the Tower of Terror now! I think this was the most fun I had on a ride at Disney - mostly because of the attractive worker on it. Yes I took a picture. Yes I'm that person.
Tower of Terror

The next few hours had us go back to the other park and ride the smaller rides, Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio etc. We had looked forward to these for months now, and I think we were more bewildered by them than the children; we were silent the whole way through (apart from singing YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLYYYY on the Peter Pan ride!) We went back to the hotel after.

Another few hours passed and we found ourselves in the park again. I think the last evening we spent there was the best memory I will have of it. We were full of excitement for the fireworks (which were bloody amazing) and we could finally spend our money and buy shit loads of mugs - which we did. The rides stayed open till 9:30, so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean ride again... Twice. 
Look how happy I was!

Soon enough it was time to see the fireworks, I hadn't seen them before and I was so excited. We were surrounded by children, who probably looked more mature than we did - in our matching Mickey/Minnie ears that flashed in sync to the fireworks. I'm still pretty speechless on how fucking AMAZING the whole thing was; but I will say that I didn't stop singing from start to finish and Ellie almost cried.
I am very proud of this picture!

That was it! Disney was over for us more or less then (apart from us buying a sandwich and it being the most BANGING nutritious substance that has and will ever touch my lips) and the next day brought a 16 hour coach journey back to the wonderful land of Yorkshire. I had the best time and can not wait to go again next year!

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