Disneyland Paris; Day One


Okay, I never admit to being wrong – due to the fact I am literally always right. Always. But when I told myself I wouldn’t act like a child when I went to Disneyland Paris I was so far from the truth. I thought that because I was going with Ellie, a huge Disney fan, it would’ve been me playing the ‘parent’ role. Nope.

On our first proper day in the parks I woke up at 4am. No alarm or anything, I was just THAT excited that I woke up 6 hours before the parks opened.  Obviously, I couldn’t keep it in, so I ended up proper shouting and dancing and flailing my arms around like a mad man to get it all out (I am literally the worst person to go anywhere with). It took me a while but I eventually got back to sleep, only to find myself waking up again a few hours later and getting ready within the space of 20 minutes. So, we eventually caught the shuttle bus into the resort (more on that amazing wonderful lovely thing later) and we got there about half an hour before the rides opened. The common sense thing to do would be to get in the que for a busy ride so we get on relatively quickly. Again, nope. As soon as I walked in to the gates I ran and I ran and I ran. I think most of this trip has been me running and screaming and Ellie running behind me trying to catch up shouting ‘TOM WAIT MY LEGS AREN’T AS LONG AS YOURS!!!’

So, after about 10 minutes of running around and screaming and singing we decided to get into the que for Crush’s Coaster. There was still a while for the ride to open but the que was so long.
The que, we were about halfway into it

When we did get on the ride, I ended up screaming for my mum because there was a part that was so so dark. Child. After that, we ran over to the Rock’n’Roller coaster and go on that within 10 minutes. So far we had done two rides in the space of an hour which is pretty impressive considering the parks were so busy. The Tower of Terror would have to wait a day, as since we had reverted back to being 5 year olds, our patience couldn’t handle waiting an hour for a ride when there was SO MUCH DISNEY TO SEE! We decided to jump on over to the other park instead.

Once we got over there, and into the park, Disney got real AF. If you’ve been before, you know a big part of going to Disneyland is the walk around the corner and seeing the castle for the first time. It’s something that always gets me speechless (which is quite impossible if you know me) and this time wasn’t any different. I always forget how much detail they put into the Disney parks, from the tiny details on the buildings to the huge dragon in the basement of the castle – it’s a WHOLE NEW WOOOOORLD in there. Ellie dragged me on It’s a Small World, a ride which scares me to death after that Simpsons episode where Bart gets kidnapped and put to work on a ride that’s similar. We then jumped on the Buzz Lightyear ride (which I won) and our concentration levels went through the roof. We stayed in this park till around 4:30, then went back to the hotel room to get ready for the night.
That concentration though

Since this is me and Ellie, we can’t just sit in a hotel room and get ready without anything awkward happening. I was sat on the bed reading, Ellie next to me on her laptop – and some WOMAN came into our room, went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet???????? What?????? She then came into the room we were in, realised we were there and just walked out?????  What…

Moving on, we got ready, jumped on the bus into Disney and made our way to Planet Hollywood. Now, I understand that it was peak times and everyone and their grandma were out for food; but the place was PACKED! We were told we had to wait an hour for food, so we put our name down and went for a walk around the shops. When we got back (about 45 mins later) we got ourselves a cocktail each and waited for a bit longer.

Then a bit longer.

Then a bit longer.

Then we had been waiting for two hours.

Then Ellie lost her shit and we got a seat.
(This wasn’t a bad thing, the waiting, because the next day we had the patience to then wait 50 mins for rides – so thanks Planet Hollywood!)

Ellie got some pasta dish and I got the fittest burger ever – we wolfed them down and then some! We also got another cocktail for each other and Ellie was getting slightly tipsy because hers was around 90% alcohol. Some drunken women started dancing on the chairs and singing to Let It Go, and we very nearly joined them until we realised we were sat right next to a balcony and knowing us we’d have fallen to our deaths.

The meal drew to an end and we both started to get a little bit tired, so we decided to retreat back to the hotel and watch some Pretty Little Liars. Again, this was me and Ellie so it wasn’t going to be straight forward. I’m starting to think that we can’t do anything without being involved in something dramatic, drunken or down right strange. But those three words kind of sum our friendship up perfectly…

So, the bus ride.. The buses weren’t exactly huge, and a lot of people wanted to get home. We were told on the way there that the French don’t care about waiting around or being polite on public transport – and jesus that is an understatement! Children were harmed, people were squashed, parents were angered. It was all a bit too much! An angry mother took it upon her to start shouting around and asking every English speaking parent if their child had been injured – it basically turned into a fucking injury lawyers for you advert!

Eventually we got back to the room and plonked ourselves into bed, day one of Disney was over!
Disney AF

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