On the Wednesday 14th January I travelled all the way down to Leicester to attend a 'Journalism Interview Day' at De Montfort University. Obviously, I barely got any sleep the night before so I was a bit of a mess on the way there, and my nerves were all over the place. The interview letter told me not to dress too formally as it was only a casual sort of day - just to get a feel of the course etc. So, I donned my finest pair of black skinny jeans and a maroon turtle neck sweater. Of course, as soon as I walked into the room everyone there had dressed head to toe in black and white and they literally looked like they were going to a funeral. Yikes.

There I was, 1pm - sweating like a pig and standing out like a sore thumb. Things were looking great! The next two hours were taken up by a formal exam where I had to write a few stories and then answer a series of questions regarding current events. Thankfully I didn't do horrific on that so things were starting to look up! 

We (there was around 15 of us on the interview day) were then given an hour to go get something to eat.. It was in that moment that I realised I was in a completely new city and I was by myself - I had lost my cousins somewhere so I was alone. I GOT FUCKING LOST. Typical of me, god help me when I actually get to Uni and I have to be all independent and navigate myself around Leicester. Google Maps will for sure become my new best friend.

After dinner we were given a quick tour of campus and the Journalism facilities - very nice! Now this is when it all went to shit (or so I thought)...

We were split up into small groups and taken off with a lecturer to do the actual interview. They were in a group format so I felt a bit relieved.. The pressure wasn't completely on me! Our interviewer seemed nice enough, he was taking interest in us all and giving each of us a fair chance at speaking. The sly fool wrote all his notes about us in shorthand so we had literally no clue about how we did or anything.

To cut a long story short though, I ended up having a 10 minute long rant at him because he told me what I did to prepare for writing and what I liked to read weren't right and I should be trying harder. At the time all I saw was read and I did my very best to prove my point and let him know that no one was going to alter my mind in what I did or what I want to do. In the end he stared at me dead in the eye and just said 'Thanks'.

The journey home was long and tiring. I was 100% certain I had messed it all up and there was no point in even trying anymore. I just wanted my bed!

The next day consisted of me constantly refreshing my email, then UCAS, then email, then UCAS... Nothing. I accepted defeat. BUT THEN, at 6pm I was eating my weight in nachos when my email pinged. 'Your UCAS application has changed' Oh shit, here it is. Here we go.

I GOT AN UNCONDITIONAL OFFER! After all the dramatics and me being a drama queen about the whole ordeal I had been offered a place to study no matter what I did in my exams! To top it off it was at an amazing Uni and my first choice!

Now all I need is for my pallio Ellie to get her place there so we can go together in September and royally fuck shit up!

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