My Favourite Films of All Time


Although this list is ever-changing, there's films that I have always loved and always will love. I go through phases of watching shit tons of films at a time and then phases of hardly watching any (kind of like my book reading habits) but these films always cheer me up. Now, they aren't the best films ever made - in fact one of them is shockingly awful, but that's why I love it so much!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I thought this film was about a porn-horror movie when I first saw the DVD cover at my auntie's house when I was about 10. She was all for letting me watch it there and then but my mum put her foot down (my auntie doesn't have kids - she doesn't get barriers and censorship - something that came in handy A LOT during my childhood) so I had to find other means of viewing. My friend had the DVD so we watched together and I fell in love! The music is a-m-a-zing and even thought the plot is quite simple, the characters are the best written, most immersive I have ever seen. 

For people who've never seen this film, just do it. Even my dad loves it and he usually hates musicals - unless they have Doris Day in, I swear - if gay was a gene then it would've come from him!

Barney's Great Adventure

Moving swiftly on to a completely different film. Completely. Barney was one of the biggest staples of my childhood. Along with the Tweenies, Rollie Pollie Ollie, Out of the Box and Bear in the Big Blue House; he was always there to keep a smile on my ugly little face! Admittedly, I did only buy this DVD quite recently because I wanted to re-watch - and it is probably one of the worst films ever! Obviously, 18 year old Tom will see the film in a different light to 4-year-old Tom. Regardless, I still know it word from word and all of the songs are still stuck in my brain - IF ALL THE RAINDROPS WERE LEMON DROPS AND GUMDROPS OH WHAT A RAIN THAT WOULD BE!!!


Winona Ryder. Literally, Winona Ryder. The best adjective to describe this film is Winona Ryder. Even though it is a magnificent film, one of those you can put on during a lazy Sunday or at 3am on an all-nighter and it still has the same effect, the stand out star and sole reason I love it is because of her. I love the woman - if it isn't evident enough yet! 

Beetlejuice is so funny yet so disturbing and it has such an interesting, different plot. I will always want to live in that house, but only once Beetlejuice has possessed it! If not the house, then at least the model town with the club Beetlejuice* goes too! Michael Keaton has made him such an iconic character and I for one, can't wait for the sequel!

*or beetleguise

Alice in Wonderland

Being one of my most treasured childhood novels, the films were no doubt going to be on this list! The lesser known 1996 adaptation has to be my personal favourite out of the three. Having a primarily British ensemble cast does the story so many wonders - and I think it perfectly captures the book. I had the VHS for so long, but it eventually wore out and I had to give in to the DVD; it just isn't the same, is it? 

The Disney animated version is amazing, I think it's perfect for really exaggerating the novels characters and plot details. The Mad Hatter in this is the best out of any adaptation, not just these three! And for the Tim Burton version, the twist on 'Underland' breathes fresh air into the book - even though it didn't need it! The cast in this version is superb and I am so excited to see the sequel next year!


If you don't love this film you have either never seen it or you're just an awful person and I am not even kidding. Upon release, it was hailed as the female version of 'The Hangover' which is something I wholly disagree with because that film is utter trash! My only problem with this film is its length - I want MORE! Kristen Wiig is an absolute genius, I loved her on SNL and I love her on this - the woman is a genius. The plane scene is the best scene out of any movie ever, it never fails to make me laugh till it hurts and then some. 

Girl, Interrupted

Winona's here again. This time she brought her good friend, Ange. And they kiss. Need I say more? OK. 

The book to this, from the memoirs of Susanna Kaysen herself, is so good. Although the film does adapt some of the books plot and create some of its own points - it is stellar. The acting in it is magnificent and it is a perfect length, the story is perfectly told and brought to a satisfying conclusion. Angelina Jolie plays the most perfect Lisa, and the rest of the cast also play their parts to perfection. Girl, Interrupted isn't to everyones taste I'm sure, but I think everyone needs to give it a bloody good try!


The original Mean Girls (even though it isn't actually a film about mean girls)...

Probably the most quoteable films ever, like Mean Girls it is a perfect all-american high school escape-film. No matter what mood I can pop this on and instantly be put in a good mood. Cher is absolutely one of my favourite fictional characters and I want to be her Christian. Also Paul Rudd is bloody adorable in this film (not so much now, though). Clueless makes me want to build my own TARDIS and go back in time to the 90's and join an american high school - but I would have to have Cher and Dion make me over and help me use words like sporadic...

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is just one of those films, isn't it? Not only did it make me fall madly in love with Julia Roberts and everything she is - it's an adorably-sexy (is that possible?) love story and it just melts my heart. I sound so gay. Again, my only issue is the films length - I want more! An oldie but a goodie, I think this film is timeless. The scene when Vivienne goes shopping after being rejected but with loads of money is the best thing ever! I get the same feeling watching that as I do walking down the street to BANGERZ by Miley Cyrus.

I could have probably gone on forever with these, I had to cut so many films off of this list just because it would have been so long! Spy Kids, Scream, Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, Heathers, Sinister, The Shining... It's quite evident I only like three types of films - horror, children's or rom-com. Wonder what that says about me...


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