Top 5: My Favourite Books


OK so, these books aren't my exactly my TOP 5 faves, because I have too many books to choose from (like children, I simply cannot pick one), so these are 5 of my favourite books. I tried to make the list somewhat varied but that didn't really happen. This isn't a review or spoiler information or really anything - it's just me going off on one about how amazing these books are...

The Divergent Series; Veronica Roth

I read first discovered Divergent through a friend, but I held off reading it because I was reading the Uglies series at the time and didn't want to drop that and never pick it back up (which I eventually did anyway because the sequel books are just awful). Finally, I caved and picked up a copy in Walmart when I was on holiday in America, and although I'm so glad I did read it - I wish I didn't buy it when I was on holiday. The book had be hooked as soon as I read the first few chapters and I couldn't stop thinking about the plot, and what was going to happen to the characters. For me, Divergent was one of those books that completely took over your life and make you lose focus of everything because you just wanted to sit down and read. The book came everywhere with me, even Universal Studios! No surprise that I read it in less than 48 hours really... AND THEN I forced my auntie to give me her e-reader so I could buy the second book in the series - Insurgent.  

Granted, Insurgent isn't as good as its predecessor, but it's still an amazing read. The character development and direction of the story were very satisfying and after I had read it (3 days later) I was thirsty for more. Unfortunately, the third and final book in the series, Allegiant, wasn't to be released for another year or so... So I was left in the middle of a cliffhanger that wouldn't be solved for ages. 

When the time came around for Allegiant's release, I was very optimistic that the series' climax would answer all questions and end on a good note. But it didn't. The narrative and progression of the story was second to none; and I loved loved LOVED the book, it was definitely a redemption after Insurgent. But, the ending (I wont spoil) ripped my heart out. I wasn't prepared for what was to happen, and I can't wait for the film adaptation of it because I'm positive it will be perfect. 

All in all, this series was one of the best I have read and re-read.. There's always something to discover upon second, third or fourth read. 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; L.Frank Baum

As a kid, I always loved/hate the film (the wicked witch terrified me beyond comprehension) and I must have had it on VHS about 4 times due to wearing the tape out. It did make me believe that everything used to be black and white in the olden days, like not even just the films - life was literally black and white. So when my friend bought me this for my 17th birthday I was very very excited to jump in.

The book itself is obviously written with the demographic of children in mind.. That's something that Baum is perfect at. He had created a rich, beautiful land with detailed characters and an amazing - albeit simple storyline. It is perfect for any child. And any adult for that matter. It isn't a big book, it didn't take me long to read at all, but it was so cute and when I read it I felt like I was in Oz myself. Perfect for escaping for an hour or so on a stressful night when I was supposed to be revising (which coincidentally what I'm doing right now, writing this blog). 

The descriptions in the book are magnificent, and I believe they're what make it such a good read. It's certain that I'll be keeping this book for a very long time, and will be reading it to my kids when/if I have them. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is just a wholesome, cute, downright wonderful book!

Any Book by Rainbow Rowell 

First things first, this woman is amazing. I don't just mean her books either. I follow her on twitter, and she is hilarious - she just seems like such a lovely woman! She toured with her newest book, Landline, last year but sadly didn't come anywhere near Leeds - so I was gutted! Hopefully she will tour with her next book and come closer so I can meet her.

I bought her first novel, Attatchments, on a random book haul last year. It was probably the best experiences I have had reading a book. The self-mocking, flawed-but-perfect characters in the book are so real and raw, she doesn't sugarcoat things. Her narrative voice is just perfect too, making it so nice to read. Everything just flows! 

Fangirl was the second novel I read of Rainbow's. I'd say it is my favourite of hers, tied with Attatchments. I don't want to give anything away or spoil the book because it would be a shame to, plus I want everyone to buy her books and read them and love them as much as I did (I'm not kidding, I have forced people to buy them in the past). BUT I can say, Cath is probably the best character I have ever encountered and I wanted to just reach in the book and hug her at some points.

Landline and Eleanor and Park were equally as awesome as the previous two books. Landline was a bit of a slow burner with me, but I think that was because it is a book about having an adult job, and a husband, and children - and I'm an 18 year old boy who can hardly look after himself. I did still love it though, even though I couldn't stand the main character, Georgie - she just didn't know what was good for her at all! Eleanor and Park is probably what Rowell is known best for, and I can't wait for the movie adaptation of it! It's such a cute story kind of (if you get past all over the trauma she has at home) and she is just so good at creating realistic outcast-type characters. 

So, before I go off on one about how amazingly terrific Rainbow Rowell is - just go buy all of her books and delve into them as soon as possible. Now. Go. NOW!

Perseopilis; Marjane Satrapi

Persepolis is a stand-out book in my collection. It's the only graphic novel I own (well, sort of own - I stole it from my high school a few years ago). I can't remember exactly when I read it first, but I remember my eyes being opened when I did. Basically, it is an autobiography of Satrapi, and handles some deep topics - most of which I wouldn't experience whatsoever in my life. I think that's why I love it so much, because it's a coming of age story but shows so much contrast to how I have grown up and completely parallels the kind of problems I have encountered. If you want to branch out and try something new, I can't recommend this book enough.

Girl, Interrupted; Susanna Kaysen

I first read this book sprawled out on a sunbed while on holiday in sunny Spain. It is only a short read, and the chapters a very much secluded and short - meaning you can pick it up and put it down to your hearts content, but you wont want to. The movie (which by no coincidence is one of my all time favourites - Winona Ryder AND Angelina Jolie in one film?! AND THEY KISS?!) really falls far from doing the novel justice, and I think the two should be separate entities - that isn't a bad thing though. I did see the movie first so I guess that does make me somewhat biased, but when you read the novel and pick up on the things the movies misses it just adds to the whole thing.

The book is a memoir, focusing on Kaysen's experiences in a psychiatric hospital in the 60's. It does sound bleak, and parts of the book are quite dire - but it is also quite very funny. The humour is quite dark and self-depreciating, which is right down my alley. When reading it I really felt like I was getting inside her brain and seeing everything from her perspective, it was quite eye-opening actually. 

The self-contained chapters offer no concept of time or much story progression for that matter, but you do feel like you're on a journey of self-discovery with Susanna up until the last pages. Girl, Interrupted is one of those books that stick with you for a long time, and help you see things from the perspective of a person who is going through something quite life changing. It's an amazing book.

Like I said, they aren't my all time favourite books - just a small handful of books that I love. I'm thinking of doing 'Top 5' kind of lists again with things such as albums, movies, TV shows etc. But for now...

Cheerio, pals!

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  1. Can I just say, little bit disappointed that Harry Potter isn't there…tut.

    1. harry potter doesn't count as a book; harry potter is a lifestyle;)