Well, I am glad that's over! 2014 was a tough, tough year. It did have its strong points, I got an amazing job, a new cat (an amazing little feline for sure) and I turned 18. But it also had its low points, and they were very, very low points. Usually, I wouldn't be the kind of person to look back at something and remember all the negatives - but for now, I can't do that with 2014. It's still all fresh bedding, and it's only January remember. 

Last January I was just getting out of a stage of SAD, and getting back into a routine after being away from college and friends for a few weeks was proving difficult for me - and since they were my priorities then I had to let go of my job at Build A Bear (which was an amazing job but at the time I really didn't like it, so fair enough). But this would cause a domino effect on the next few months. January to May are a bit of a mess looking back, I had a what I call 'brief encounter' with another job at Spud U Like - I call it a brief encounter as I literally worked there for 2 weeks before handing in my notice. Worst job ever. Probably. My SAD came back around April time, and it hit quite hard - this time having an effect on my college life. I had a lot of time off around the episode I had, meaning I very nearly got kicked out. But I didn't! And even thought my results weren't the best - they certainly weren't the worst when August came around.

Ah! Summer! Last summer was very bittersweet; Landed an amazing job, met some amazing friends and did some pretty cool things. But, sadly, I had to say goodbye to my childhood dog. Harry had to be put to sleep in June and it was awful, truly awful. At the time I thought I wouldn't ever be able to cheer up or get over him dying - and although I haven't and will never do the latter it has gotten a lot better. I miss him but I don't feel upset anymore. Wait, is that mean?

Now, September to December are my favourite months of the year! A new fresh start in college, my 18th birthday, Halloween and Christmas! Looking back, they were actually a good few months - a lot of fun and I made a lot of memories (mostly drunk, mostly involving me injuring myself one way or another - I must stop doing that!). 

But, come November we were hit by something awful in my family. My dad had an ulcer on his tongue, and it had been there for a good while - so my mum ordered him to go get it seen to at the doctors. It was a good job he did too, as it was the early stages of mouth cancer. 

A few weeks and numerous hospital appointments later and it went from bad to worse, they had found growths in Dads throat as well - and he had to have intensive surgery on his mouth and throat. But, after two gruelling weeks in hospital weeks stuck in a hospital bed, Dad was finally let out just in time for Christmas. Meaning he could eat his Christmas dinner (be it pureed or not) with us! The doctors have said it has been one of the fastest recoveries they have seen in a long time - so it is for sure onwards and upwards from here!

So, even though the bad outweighs the good for me, 2014 was, and will be a year to remember. Already 2015 looks like a better one for me, I have a lot planned and I'm soooo excited! If last year taught me anything it would be to stop being negative about everything and just go fucking do it.

That's my motto for this year:

Go fucking do it.

ok so upon reflection I have realised how depressing this may sound, when actually I made some pretty good memories last year. So to balance it out I'm gonna list just some of the good bits of 2014.
  1- I saw Miley fucking Cyrus live and it was like seeing Jesus Christ himself
  2- LEGO. That's it. Just, LEGO.
  3- LEGO helped me find some of the most amazing friends.
  5- I got drunk a lot and had a lot of fun whilst I was drunk a lot
  4- (I forgot how to do the number thing in order)
  6- Timmy came into my life. The best cat EVER
  7- I grew the fuck up and grew the fuck out of some people

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