Back to College


The start of a new academic year is upon us. Yay! I’m not even being sarcastic, the past few months off of school have been so weird. My summer was supposed to be amazing and fun and full of cool stuff and sitting on fields getting drunk and, well… It just wasn’t. Even though it has been an amazing summer in terms of weather, I have probably spent 60% of my time in bed, with the curtains shut, watching Ugly Betty. The other 40% is taken up by work and maybe socialising.

I actually have done some socialising; I’ve even been to a party or two. But it just isn’t really my thing anymore! I can safely say that at the ripe old age of 17 – I love to have a quiet night (or day, or fortnight) in by myself. It isn’t as though I don’t want to spend time with my friends anymore because that is the opposite – but we all have jobs and actual lives now so it’s kind of hard to schedule a time when we can all be together. We have managed to do it the odd time though, and it was nice seeing them – but I’m glad we don’t need to see each other all the time to know how close we are. Having said that it would be nice to see them more often once college comes back around.

I’m also very much looking forward to feeding my brain with loads of new stuff to do with stuff! After looking at my course specification and delving into what needs to be done in the next year, I’m quite excited to get my head down and just do it! I think that was something I didn’t do last year, prepare – I just started college as a naïve lad who thought college was just gonna be easy like high school. But my friends, it requires effort! Who knew?

Buying new supplies and new clothes for college is also a big thing I’m looking forward too. I’m gonna get myself a diary and a planner so I can be so cosmopolitan and be exactly like Carrie Bradshaw (even thought I’m a 17 year old boy from Leeds and not a 30 something year old woman from New York). And a new bag! But new clothes! I’m so excited for payday!
Literally me

Of course, this whole post could be loads of nonsense come Thursday. If I don’t get the results I need to get into my second year then I am royally screwed… I don’t think I’ve done that bad on my exams, then again I don’t think I’ve done that good either…
Here’s hoping!


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