House Sitting


Yay! I'm house sitting for my Auntie for the first time in months. I LOVE doing this, because I get to pretend I own a house and that I'm an adult with responsibilities etc etc etc. Anyway, I am already super super bored, so I thought I would try have a go at writing something but I'm already bored of this/can't think of what to write...

Her house isn't the biggest but it isn't small, plus she has just redecorated and done some renovation so I get to explore! She has a loft conversion now, but it isn't finished so there is just ladders going up to a dark scary room, and since she has an ouija board - I think it would be rude not to have a play, right? I'm excited for that, but I'll wait till my pals come round later and we are drunk... If I did it alone I would probably soil myself.

I had a go at baking cookies earlier (my auntie has loads of baking supplies. LOADS) but they didn't work. It's what I expected since I am absolutely shit at baking anything - like actually anything. I can't even bake ASDA's ready made cake mixes without messing up somehow. But i guess that is a skill in it's own right? It is. I have decided. Anyway, they looked quite nice on the outside, and Tanya Burr's baking video told me to take them out after 10 mins, and I did! But nope, they were still raw inside - like, the egg might as well have still been in its shell kind of raw. Speaking of, she keeps her eggs in a cupboard? Do people do that? I thought you had to keep them in the fridge so they didn't hatch? Eh...

Kind of realised this is the worst piece of writing ever, worse than anything by Carol Ann Duffy. Good lord I hate that woman, so so much! But, I don't care because I'm bored and it is wasting time until my friend come over and we can get drunk and eat food and have laughs and play hide and seek all night. I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK I HAVE SO MANY GOOD HIDING PLACES NO ONE WILL FIND ME.

Should mention that I'm looking after her dog, too. He is sooo big, like I'm not even kidding the biggest dog I have ever seen. But he's so cute and quiet and he just wants hugs all the time, which I'm happy to give! Alfie (that's his name by the way) is quite ill too so he's touch and go for the next few months which is really sad. My dog of 10 years passed in June and it still upsets me to think of him - so when Alfie goes I will have no doggy friends:(


OMG also I bought tickets to go see Miranda Sings in November! Was supposed to go see her in London around September time but then BOYS ARE STUPID so I'm not. Great.
Me and two of my dear lovely gr8 friend are gonna spend the night in Manchester when we go - and I'll be 18 then so I'm gonna get pissed as a fart in the hotel room. I love a good hotel room I do.

I also got a haircut, and I look somewhat bald! I like it though. Managed to spend over £200 on myself on payday too, I might do a post on what I bought maybe? Anyway here is my new hair:

That is pretty much it today because I'm gonna go get in my Aunties bath because she has a jacuzzi setting on it. Nice mental image for you there.

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